Video:Dante Love's Injury and Player Reaction

Ball State won Saturday Night's game against the Indiana Hoosiers but ultimately lost one of their most versatile players, Dante Love. One of the nations best all-purpose players so far in 2008, went down with what is being called a career ending injury.

On Saturday,Ball State and Cardinal fans abroad lost one of the very best at his position.Cardinals' senior WR Dante Love went down in the second quarter of Saturday's game against IU with a career ending injury.He caught a quick-route from QB Nate Davis and started to the outside, but just as he appeared to be going out of bounds, he cut up field. Coming hard down hill and ready to make the tackle was Hoosiers CB Chris Adkins.At the last second, Dante lowered his head in anticipation of the hit,possibly trying to deliver the blow to Adkins.

The hit ultimately jarred the ball loose and was picked up by IU's Nick Polk who took it to the end zone.The Hoosier's celebration was short-lived when they realized that Love lay motionless at the thirty-yard line.Both school's trainers were called onto the field, and after what seemed an eternity, an ambulance was brought onto the Hoosiers' turf.Head coach Brady Hoke then brought Dante's family onto the field and informed them of the latest news.

He was then taken to Bloomington Hospital, but almost immediately airlifted to Methodist Hospital.Coach Hoke and his wife were then taken to Indianapolis via a Indiana State Police escort.There at Methodist, Dante underwent a five hour surgery Sunday morning to stabilize the fracture and we were told it went smoothly.The doctors expect a full recovery, but don't expect him to be able to ever fully compete in football again.It appears Dante's career in the Red and White is over, but #86 will always be hailed as an amazing receiver and a humble young man while in his tenure at Ball State.

The Ball State Insider would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to Dante for a speedy recovery.There will be frequent updates on our website and a forum is currently active where you can extend your personal thoughts and prayers.GET WELL DANTE!

Below is a video of Coach Brady Hoke's news conference Monday afternoon.Video courtesy of The Star Press

Below is a video of Dante Love's injury and the player reactions immediately following the game.Video courtesy of Ball State Daily News

Story by Scott Kleckner,Ball State Insider.

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