Ball State Offers Georgia - RB/DE

The caught up with Coach Vic Thigpen at East Laurens HS in Dublin, Georgia and discussed the talent of one of his star players.

Terrance Lewis plays both ways for Coach Thigpen at East Laurens HS and does an outstanding job at the RB and DE end positions.

Standing 6' 3.5" tall and weighing in at 235 lbs. Terrence is a force that few schools have found away to deal with. Coach Thigpen tells us that Ball State University was the first major school in the country to offer but other schools have also offered and his ability on the field of play is attracting a lot of attention from major programs.

The is in the process of reaching out to Terrence and will report back as soon as we have the opportunity to interview him in person and get his take on the recruiting process and his interest level in the Cardinals!

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