Ball State Class of '09: David Brown will continue the tradition of highlighting each player that signs a letter of intent for a given class. This time around it is the class of 2009. Here is a brief scouting report on each of the 22 players in the class. Today we have the second of those 22 installments.

David Brown, 5-10 190 RB, Shelbyville, IN (Shelbyville)

What he brings: Despite being from a smaller school. Brown comes to Ball State with the ability to shine, especially when running the ball in between the tackles. Brown excelled in high school after a shift from WB to FB in his schools Option offense. This moved better utilized his size and toughness, which are his best attributes.

Areas of improvement: A few things stick out. 1: David will have to bulk up to be able to handle to rigors of his running style. He is not an edge guy, nor is he a guy that will make too many miss, so a bulk up of around 20-30 lbs is warranted for his down hill running style. 2: Learning the position. As a high school FB, Brown was only 3 yards off the line and he had specific gaps to hit in the offense. Even though there is quick eye sight and thinking involved in that, will that translate to a move back to natural RB? Also, his film did not reveal a whole lot of pass catching or blocking assignments, so those thing will have to be learned as well. grade: I think David possesses something that the Cardinals have lacked the past few seasons – a tough runner inside with size. If Brown can pack on some lbs and transition well, I could see him working into a contributor as a short yardage and special situation back. He has some talent, but with the amount of great backs in this class, cracking the every down rotation will be difficult.

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