Ball State Class of '09: Zane Fakes will continue the tradition of highlighting each player that signs a letter of intent for a given class. This time around it is the class of 2009. Here is a brief scouting report on each of the 22 players in the class. Today we have the eighth of those 22 installments.

Zane Fakes, 6-2 235 TE/H-Back Plainfield, IN (Plainfield)

What he brings: Zane has good size and athleticism. He spent his high school career as his team's Tailback and amassed over 2,200 yards on the ground as a Sr. Zane shows on film that he has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield which will help in the transition to an H-back type of player. He can also fill in when needed at FB and has the ability to carry the ball in short bursts in certain situations. Zane flashes above average speed for the transition to his new position and has good hands.

Areas of improvement: One thing Zane's film does not show is blocking, this is an area of concern considering that will be what he will be called upon to do. As the feature back in HS, he had the ball in his hands a ton, how will he translate as a player who finds himself knocking off LBs instead of running them over? Also, his route running skills will need refinement. He was great at catching the ball out of the backfield and on screens in HS, but a transition into running specific routes will have to be developed. grade: I really like Zane Fakes. He has good size and speed for the position he will be in, I think he has very similar characteristics to former Ball State RB/H-Back Chris Clancy in that he comes in having been a workhorse back in HS and will be able to use his athleticism in other ways as a collegiate. Zane will take some development, but look for him to fill into a nice role in Coach Parrish's offense in due time.

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