Ball State Class of '09: Travis Freeman will continue the tradition of highlighting each player that signs a letter of intent for a given class. This time around it is the class of 2009. Here is a brief scouting report on each of the 22 players in the class. Today we have the ninth of those 22 installments.

Travis Freeman, 6-1 210 LB, Cleveland (Glenville)

What he brings: Travis is a naturally gifted LB and an absolute steal for Ball State. I feel that eventually, Travis has the skill set to make a very good MIKE LB in the Cardinals' system. Travis has great athleticism and speed from sideline to sideline and also already possesses the strength to play the run between the tackles. Travis comes from a great high school program and the coaching he has gotten to this point will be a tremendous plus as he transitions to big time college football. Travis is also a very smart young man, which is something that is very much needed from the MIKE position. This intelligence should also smooth the transition. Travis, although a little light at this point, also has a nice frame to hold an additional 10-15 lbs that will be needed to become a standout at this position.

Areas of improvement: As all high school LBs, Travis will have to do his homework on learning the concepts of the Cardinal defense while also learning to be it's leader if he expects to play the MIKE immediately in college. Also, work on the run/pass recognition skills will be a must, but I feel he is fully capable of doing these things quickly. grade: Travis is a tremendous addition to a steadily improving Cardinal defense. He gets to step into college with a new staff and a new defense, so his learning curve as compared to other, more veteran, players, will not be as sharp. I fully expect Travis to compete with Spain Cosby and Davyd Jones and possibly win out for a starting spot in the Cardinal LB corps. The sky is the limit for this young man, if he does the things he needs to do – be prepared to learn, be a leader, work hard in practice and the weight room, there is no reason that he cannot be one of the best in a storied tradition of Cardinal Linebackers.

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