Ball State Class of '09: Keith Langtry will continue the tradition of highlighting each player that signs a letter of intent for a given class. This time around it is the class of 2009. Here is a brief scouting report on each of the 22 players in the class. Today we have the thirteenth of those 22 installments.

Keith Langtry, 6-1 180 WR, Kansas City (Rockhurst)

What he brings: Langtry was a big time playmaker for a big time program. Rockhurst spent a lot of time in the top 10 in the Nation last season and the coaching he received in high school should be a nice stepping stone for Keith as he enters Ball State. Langtry has decent size and adequate speed, but excelled as a deep ball threat for Rockhurst. Keith has good hands and very good body control that helps aid his adjustment on the less than perfectly thrown deep ball.

Areas of improvement: Even though Keith excelled as a deep threat in high school, there is an abundance of work to do in order for him to play regularly for the Cardinals. Keith has to work on his route skills and also show that he is capable of making the intermediate to short area catch. Keith has good size, so he will be called upon to make a lot of blocks in the Cardinal running game. His film didn't show me a lot of blocking, so he will probably need work in that area too. grade: Keith has some good talent, but he also has a lot of work to do. He will be walking into a lot of competition for playing time with a large number of other talented WR. What will separate Keith is his ability to get it done in practice and is work on the little things that make WRs more productive. Look for Keith to redshirt as a freshman and play more and more as his career progresses.

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