Crawford To Try Out With NY Giants

After surprisingly going un-drafted this weekend,Brandon Crawford agrees to try out with the New York Giants.

It was a pretty relaxed atmosphere at the Crawford household this weekend, where former Cardinal standout Brandon watched the annual NFL Draft. "I followed the draft off and on, I had my laptop on me and I was with my family and friends."

After not hearing his name called this weekend during the draft,Crawford received a phone call from the New York Giants inviting him to a try out at their facilities.

The 6-3,260 pound Defensive End from Fort Wayne was pretty happy after he got the invitation. "I was speechless, I'm just living the dream, I'm not getting over anxious or excited about it, just staying humble and appreciating the opportunity."

In-between his time with the family following the draft, Crawford attended an event held at The Primetime Community Center in Fort Wayne. "I had an event with Next Level with Anthony Spencer(Dallas Cowboys) and Bernard Pollard(Houston Texans), we talked to the youth and we had a banquet dinner and auction after that and I hung out and talked with those guys."

The event benefited the Next Level after school program in Fort Wayne, which their mission statement states, "motivates and empowers adolescents to achieve academic excellence, build character and develop critical thinking skills, which allows at-risk youth to grow into maturity as thry aspire to fulfill their dreams."

It's became a rarity with collegiate and pro athletes being too busy with practices,workouts,and interviews to do events to benefit the youth,but Crawford always finds the time to give back.

After following Brandon for a few years,it's hard to think of meeting a more humble and down to earth athlete. His story is unique, and his work ethic is unmatched. Thirteen years older than me, his drive to succeed is something I model myself after. If the Giants sign Brandon, they'll be acquiring a fierce leader, forged from his days at South Side High School, The United States Marine Corps, and Ball State University.

His college playing days are over, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of Brandon Crawford on the football field."It's time for me to go out there and execute whatever I need to do to the best of my abilities, and just leave it up to the Giants coaching staff." It's YOUR time big man, Go get em!

Scott Kleckner

Ball State Insider

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