Shaw Shows Patience

While many of his peers are out and about finding their fit, Mike Shaw remains a power forward still gathering information for the biggest decision of his basketball life.

At some point, Chicago DeLaSalle power forward Mike Shaw is going to begin feeling lonely. With each passing week, more and more of his peers make their college intentions known. So far, the 6-foot-8 Shaw hasn't budged.

"It's hard," Shaw said. "At first I wanted to take five visits but its hard. It's hard to separate them. I have to sit down and do my pros and cons. I've been doing it; I just have to redo it."

While he's looking at his list, schools come by to see him. Notre Dame slipped in this week and Shaw has options. He just hasn't come close to exercising them yet.

The No. 66 prospect visited DePaul officially. He's been to Marquette and Illinois plus he likes West Virginia and wants to know more about the Mountaineers.

"Right now they all looking good. My thing with DePaul is that I was trying to see if DePaul was going to get some players. They just got Macari Brooks, they have Jamie Crocket. It's good. At Illinois I wanted to see where I fit in.

"Marquette works hard there. Coach Buzz is a young coach. They all have something good to offer me. Its hard for me to decide."

Illinois is likely to be his next official visit but Shaw is tough to read. He hasn't found what he's looking for yet.

"My whole thing is that I've asked all the schools if I'm going to play. At DePaul they want me to be the man and build off me. Illinois has so many players, I asked where I'd fit in but I'll earn it. Marquette's losing players at my position and they're young coming in. Same thing with West Virginia.

"For so long I haven't been able to showcase my talent. I want to go somewhere where I can get better and look out to play. I got to do what's best for me. I can't just go and be a role player."

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