The Workout: FR & Sophs

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The young bucks were on display Sunday afternoon at The Workout. Among the bigs, we fell hard for Schulyer Rimmer while a trio of freshman guards won us over.

Seniors and Juniors

Schulyer Rimmer, PF/C: He's 6-foot-7 and going to be a good one with the potential to be a high-major prospect. A former swimmer who shot up seven inches (according to Vince Baldwin), his future is on the hardwood. Rimmer has good hands, grades and touch. Looks like he's not done growing and we'll watch him closely the next three years. The fact that he's missing a front tooth is admirable.

Rashawn Powell, PG: One of those young, thin point guards with a slick handle and some flair, but not too much. Obviously has to get stronger but he's a thinker and doer out there. Like anything else, a growth spurt would help though he's already a solid perimeter shooter. If things line up and he works, he could be a fringe high level guy or a super mid-major point man.

Justice Montgomery, PG: One of the top guys here in terms of overall ball handling and the ability to get it up and down the court. Had excellent touch on his passes and the handle isn't going to be a problem. Ideally, we'd like to see him with his team and gauge what kind of offense he has overall but liked him from a distance.

Mitchell Wilbekin, PG: Lots to like here. He's the brother of Florida freshman Scottie Wilbe kin and he's better at the same stage. He's got a hoops IQ, excellent stroke, runs the club and creates. He'll track as a potential high- major despite his size (5-11) because of his innate ability to run a team. Excellent looking young true point guard prospect.

Richard Lee, SG: When you come into camp and smoke all five of your 3- point attempts, well, you're going to receive some ink. Lee was one of the better shooters we saw over the course of two days.

Austin Harrell, SG: This camp has some fine young shooters and Harrell is a stroker. Plus, he's a good athlete who got himself to the rim. In short, like Lee and Wilbekin he's a player and the fact that he's at The Rock in Gainesville means that program has a bright future.

Drekalo Clayton is still 6-6 but the effort level hasn't changed and he's a better player in the post than he was at this camp last year. He's got legit post up game and is a good looking passer. The question is will he get taller and will he pursue football as we've heard he's playing this year? Respect the improvement and the effort. ... Camps like this are fine measuring sticks for a kid like Joe Lampley. A 2013 forward, he's in between positions and size right now. He's got a live body and nose for the ball. Will he grow into an undersized PF role or expand his skill set as a SF? He should leave here knowing one of the two has to happen. ...

Glenn Feidenga and Alan Chigha are a pair of 2013 forwards. They have energy and good athleticism. Both are reclassed and are now in their age appropriate grouping. Like the energy, want to see the skill and feel develop over the next few seasons. Chiqua demonstrated that he's not bad handling the ball. ... Freshmen Wilbekin, Harrell and Lee were outstanding in drill work, yet another sign they intend to be players. ...

It's hard to implement a skills session in a one-day camp but this workout does the best job I've seen of organizing, testing and teaching. Having said that, the guys who don't work on the skill aspects of their game get voted off the island. Basic two-ball handling drills separate the pretenders from the contenders. ... He's 350 pounds but sophomore Davarus Clark is athletic. He breezed through the ball handling drill. Guys like him eventually get handed a jersey with the No. 77 on it and get asked to play on the left side of the line on Sunday afternoons. One problem: he doesn't like football but did run cross country this year to slim down. ...

South Florida skipper Stan Heath has his son at camp. Josh Heath can handle and has developed a little floater. ... Liked the energy and athleticism of sophomore wing Troy Holston. ...

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