Hog's Haul? Wings and a Player?

It's the recruiting class John Pelphrey dreamed up when the season began. Three years ago it started with Aaron Ross and on Wednesday, culminated with the addition of Rashad Madden. The big question is: what do we name this group?

Hogs Haul? Wings and a Player? It's high time we start thinking about a name for this recruiting class John Pelphrey constructed in Fayetteville.

On Wednesday, Rashad Madden committed to Arkansas after seriously contemplating Ole Miss and looking hard at Baylor, Connecticut and Oklahoma State. Frankly, when we laid it down Tuesday night, the clubhouse leader was Mississippi. Less than 12 hours later, he's announcing for Arkansas. Hey, it's not like the Hogs don't have history with him.

Madden will be joined in Fayetteville by AAU teammates Aaron Ross and Hunter Mickelson. Plus, running the show in the future is super quick St. Louisian B.J. Young. All four are Top 100 caliber players, three of them are ranked in the Top 50.

Madden slides neatly into the class alongside Young in the backcourt. Together, they'll provide Pelphrey with plenty of options and firepower for the Hogs revampted roster. Madden is 6-foot-5 and has the long term desire to transition to the point guard. Young is a point guard. Together they can play off one another flanked by Ross and Mickelson. It should be noted at the Arkansas Wings, manned by Madden and his two friends, won the AAU national championship this summer.

"He's still figuring it out," Wings coach Tim Loring said. "He's made a lot of gains and he's still getting comfortable with the (point guard) position. He's a winning guy ... takes the shot, gets the rebounds."

As recruiting classes go, this one is going to rate highly in the SEC and play well nationally too. Regardless of the numerical tag we put on it and where its ranked, the class is perfect for Pelphrey. It comes at the right time for a re-load and the diversity of the group, from a coaching standpoint is exciting. Mix in what should be a smooth transition led by a trio of in-staters into a program that values homegrown talent and you've got the right mix for this particular school.

Pelphrey himself has a history with nicknames. Will this group be unforgettable?

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