On Campus: Oct. 2

If you're looking for the big drama of the weekend, point your lens at Waco, Tex. Scott Drew and crew host two of the best wings in America, Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello.

There is one official visitor we can confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt this weekend: D'Angelo Harrison. We bumped into him at the Oklahoma City airport on Thursday, when he was arriving with his parents for his trip to Oklahoma State.

Other than Harrison, we'll pass along whom we think is making campus visits this weekend.

Deuce Bello -- Baylor
Matt Jones -- Baylor
Quincy Miller -- Baylor
Zak Irvin -- Bayor
Shane Larkin -- Boston College
Alex Murphy -- Boston College
DeKeeba Battee -- Brown
Bernard Sullivan -- Clemson
DeMarcus Harrison -- Clemson
Nick Jacobs -- Clemson
David Kravish -- Colorado
Jabari Hinds -- Connecticut
Amir Williams -- DePaul
E. Victor Nickerson -- DePaul
Vince Van Nes -- Florida International
Julian Royal -- Georgia Tech
Ethan O'Day -- Holy Cross
Lucas Van Nes -- Holy Cross
Tommy Carpenter -- Holy Cross
Mike Shaw -- Illinois
Austin Etherington -- Indiana
Obi Ajet -- Indiana
Peter Jurkin -- Indiana
Cody Zeller -- Indiana
Devin Davis -- Indiana
Gary Harris -- Indiana
Hanner Perea -- Indiana
Jeremy Hollowell -- Indiana
Yogi Ferrell -- Indiana
Mikael Hopkins -- Kansas
Rodney Hood -- Marquette
Antwan Space -- Maryland
Jordan Laguerre -- Massachusetts
Andre Hollins -- Mississippi
Johny O'Bryant -- Mississippi
David Gardner -- Mississippi State
Tyler Harris -- N.C. State
Cory Hensley -- Navy
Trey McDonald -- Ohio State
D'Angelo Harrison -- Oklahoma State
Spencer Dinwiddie -- Oregon
Austin Kuemper -- Oregon
Daniels Gomis -- Oregon State
Jerome Seagears -- Rutgers
Adonis Thomas -- UCLA
Quinn Cook -- UCLA
James Blaszyk -- USC
Nigel Snipes -- UT-Chatanooga
David Rivers -- UTEP
James Robinson -- Virginia
Paul Jesperson -- Virginia
Greg McClinton -- Wake Forest
Leo Svete -- Wake Forest
Reggie Dillard -- Wake Forest
Armani Cotton -- Yale

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