USA Evaluations: East

<b>Carmelo Anthony and Mario Boggan had to depart early from the event to get back to summer school but here are the evaluations on them and the remainder of the East team.</b>

EAST (Listed in order of leading scorers)

Carmelo Anthony, SF/SG: He took center stage. In just 18 minutes a game, he averaged an amazing 24 points. What was impressive was how he recorded his points. He shot a few threes but was awesome off the dribble and from medium-range. He slashed to the hoop with reckless abandon. As the tournament wore on, he began to hit the boards more. This was his shining moment and he performed extremely well. Anthony shot .661 from the floor.

Rashad McCants, SG: McCants was a model of efficiency. He shot over 50% from the field and an impressive 40% from 3-point range. He just looked like he could turn it on whenever he wanted to and this wasn't the best he's played in the spring or summer. Normally, he's a little bit stronger rebounder and we know he has it in him. He was outstanding and it looked like he had it in cruise control.

J.J. Redick, SG: Last year, he got off 42 3s at this event. In contrast, this year he took only 24. He wasn't hunting his shot like he normally does, but when he let it fly he connected on 45% of his threes. Like McCants, he wasn't as assertive as we've seen him in the past though he did make sure everyone knew he expanded to his game to include some offense off the dribble. Again, not his best spring or summer event and he was still a standout at the event.

John Gilchrist, PG: This is a guy who you just want to have running your team. He accounted for an amazing 29 assists to just 5 turnovers. He did leave some balls on the rim and his shot jump shot wasn't particularly accurate but he was able to get into the lane and make plays for himself and his teammates. The thing about guys like Gilchrist and Horner is that they always seem to play on teams that win and it's always good to be well stocked in the intangibles department.

Mario Boggan, C/PF: My theory about Boggan seemed to hold up all weekend. He's a great player to have playing next to a bigger post guy who is going to draw a lot of the attention. Instead of Sagana Diop, he was next to Torin Francis. Get him the ball in the post and he scored (58 % FG) as he does a very good job of playing off the bigger post player. Now for the bad news: he's got to rebound the ball better. He's too much of wide-body not to get on the glass. We've seen him do in the past so it's just about the effort he puts into it.

Torin Francis, C/PF: Torin led the Festival in blocked shots, was fourth in rebounding and second in field goal percentage. That's a pretty complete weekend. He kept the big men occupied and freed up Anthony, McCants and Boggan to do their thing. On defense, he challenged everything. He's one of those guys who patrols the paint and it doesn't take long for would-be scorers to figure out that he's not going to give up the easy ones. Great athlete with a lot of bounce. He put it on the floor a little, though that's not his strength. He gets extra credit for being the only guy to slow down Shelden Williams and double bonus points for continuing to play after he took an elbow to the mouth that cracked his lower front tooth.

Elijah Ingram, PG: He backed up Gilchrist for the most part. He launched more 3s than anyone else on his team and made 9-of-28. The lefty isn't afraid to let it fly. He's one of those guys who has good body control on his drives and runs the break well. He probably get to run the offense enough to his liking so he made sure he got some shots off when he could. He seems to go in streaks from deep. He had nine assists and 11 turnovers.

TaQuan Dean, SG: He was never really able to get into the flow because he didn't play as much as some of the other guys. He shot just 5-17 from downtown and we know he's a better shooter than that. Like Ingram, tough to get a good evaluation out of him because of the playing time situation.

Matt Gorman, PF: He looks like a Top 100 power forward. Again, he didn't get a lot of minutes but he does have some skills including a nice medium-range jump shot. He blocked 5 shots in limited minutes so that's a real positive sign. We'll see more of him in July. He appears to be extremely coachable.

Jarrett Jack, PG: It wasn't the best situation for Jack. He was recruited to play in the event as a shooting guard, but his game is really more of a point guard so it wasn't the best fit. He's always been a strong driver and that hasn't changed. He likes to play extremely fast and sometimes that leads to a few turnovers. But, he did dish out 12 assists and considering his playing time – 15 minutes a game – and the fact that he was usually playing as the second guard, that's not too shabby.

Darian Townes, PF/C: He was one of two juniors on the East roster. He's really a fun young kid to be around. Townes got a little discouraged early in the tournament but once the coaches talked to him and made it clear what they needed out of him he responded. At times he came off the bench and really did a nice job challenging and blocking shots. He also came up with some key rebounds and defensive plays. Offensively, he's coming around and has a decent little short hook. He's going to be a very good player with continued growth and maturity. He was fifth in blocks.

Grant Billmeier/C: He was the other underclassmen on the roster. Like we've seen since the middle of his high school season, he wasn't real aggressive on offense and is a bit mechanical. Defensively, he rebounded very well and blocked some shots though he's not going to chase anyone down. He'll really need to focus on improving his offense in the summer. He was one just a few kids who put extra time in the gym after the games were over. He finished 3rd in the camp in blocked shots.

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