USA Evaluations: West

<b>Yes, the talent level in the West wasn't what it was like last year, but this team wasn't representative of the kind of players in that area of the country. The best senior – Evan Burns – was not there and the top underclassmen players weren't on the roster. Certainly a different mix of guys from that area of the country would have made for a more competitive team.</b>

If guys like Leon Powe, Stefan Zimmerman, Richard Midgely, Evan Burns and Wendell White had been in attendance, this team would have been much more competitive.

WEST (Listed in order of leading scorers)

Chris Rodgers, SG/PG: The Arizona recruit had a lot of responsibilities on this team. He had to be a primary scorer until Hassan Adams rolled into town and took care of the primary ball handling duties. What happened was he put up huge numbers in the scoring column. He shot a very nice .444 from 3-point range and 76% at the line. In fact, he got to the line more than anyone at the tournament. His assist-to-turnover ratio was not good at all but it would be wrong to blame all of the miscues on him. We won't see him turn it over like this on a regular basis. He's a big guard who is certainly capable of playing both positions in college. He'll also play defense and will create some matchup problems.

Hassan Adams, SG: There aren't a whole lot of guys who explode to the basket like Adams does. This guy is an athlete who gets to the cup in a hurry and finishes well with both hands at the rim. He's constantly in attack mode. What's strange is that while he's not a very good deep shooter, he had a field day at the line going 16-for-20. Move him inside the 3-point arc and his jumper is more reliable. He arrived in the second half of the first game and was able to finish 4th in the event in total scoring. He was 10th in field goal percentage and 10th in rebounding.

Justin Gray, PG/SG: Gray's carved himself a reputation as a shooter. However, the extended international line wasn't kind to him as he went 13-for-39. Unlike most of the other players in camp, being from the East Coast and having to switch teams, he didn't know his teammates and vice versa, so that was a disadvantage for all parties. Somehow, he managed to get 17 offensive rebounds.

Sean Mallon, PF: Gonzaga might not have been able to draw up a better recruit for themselves. If Mallon was a little stronger and heavier, the Pac-10's might have been all over him. Instead, he's a little on the light side but makes up for all of that with smarts and skills. You have to want to rebound and over the course of the tournament Mallon proved he could do that. He averaged a double double. He made a plethora of foul line jumpers. He also tipped balls in with both hands at the rim and was generally aggressive. He led the tournament in rebounding and had more offensive boards than defensive ones.

Brandon Lincoln, SF/SG:He's a strong kid who looks to score. He was more effective from mid-range as he was a little streaky from. He's not a bad passer and play aggressively. He looks like a mid-major type player.

Keion Kindred, SG/PG: His shining moment came on a big-time dunk off a drive when he seemingly just erupted from a pack of player. He's kind of a strong guard caught in position limbo. He didn't really look for his offense and isn't a shooter. However, he will get on the glass and get some stickbacks in traffic.

Brandon Worthy, PG: Another guard who is strong. He a pretty good passer and uses the bounce pass a lot. He completed a few nice drives to the basket and wasn't deterred by contact. He just wasn't able to keep get a lot done offensively against a very high level of competition from other guards at the camp.

Bryan Freeny, PF: Freeny admittedly struggled with his academics his first two years of high school and is very likely junior college-bound. For his size, he's got to do a better job of getting on the glass. Again, the level of competition among the forwards he faced was very high. He wasn't really assertive on the blocks and didn't seek to be a factor on offense.

Kelly Orchard, PF: Really wasn't a factor at all inside. He has a good frame but is not strong enough to ward off other forwards. Offensively, he's mechanical and seemed very tentative with the ball. He does have broad shoulders and looks like he can carry some more weight. He did hit an 18-footer but overall wasn't able to get much accomplished. The level of competition he faced was probably the best he's ever seen.

Samir Hernandez, PF: Hernandez wasn't much of a factor. He only played 13 minutes a game and wasn't an option on offense. He's a tweener forward.

DeAngelo Collins, PF: Reportedly, a heart murmur showed up during his physical and he wasn't cleared to play by USA Basketball.

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