USA Camp Heat Check

<b>COLORADO SPRINGS – Carmelo Anthony is hot. He's shooting .643 from the field. Kelenna Azubuike is lukewarm but is coming off a very good game. Bracey Wright's gone cold from the perimeter and he's struggling to find his stroke.</b>

In taking a glance around the tournament to see who's hot and who's not, we are focusing on the players who are playing the bulk of minutes for their respective teams. Other guys are looking good on paper, but their stats have been padded a little in a few blowouts.


LeBron James, North: He's averaging 21.3 points and is 8-14 from downtown. He's the best player here and he's bringing it. He's in the Top 10 in five offensive categories.

DeAngelo Alexander, South: He's having a super camp. He leads the South in scoring with a 19-point clip. He's 4th in total scoring, 5th in rebounds and 5th in assists.

Kevin Bookout, South: Kevin "Boxout" grabbed three rebounds in one possession twice! He's dominating the boards and seems content to let his teammates fire away while he cleans the glass. He's the event's leading rebounder at 12 per game. He's hit 8 of his 16 shots.

Carmelo Anthony, East: .643 from the field is the definition of hot. After neglecting his rebounding duties in the first two games, he grabbed seven in the final game on Saturday. He's averaging 22 points a game.

Jeff Horner, North: He's quietly hot. He's taken 30 shots and 21 of them have been 3s. He's shooting 42% from down. He's also 4th in total assists and No. 1 in steals.

Torin Francis, East: A stellar defensive performance against Shelden Williams gets him into this category. He's averaging 8 points and 7 rebounds. He's also leading the camp in field goal percentage and blocks.


Shelden Williams, South: He's worthy of hot status, but his last game cooled him down. After starting super-hot, Williams turned in a 5-20 field goal performance Saturday night and was 0-7 from deep. He still ranks in the Top 10 in five offensive categories and has nine blocks in three games, just one less than Torin Francis.

Matt Trannon, North: After a scintillating start, Trannon has returned to earth. He's averaging 13 points, is 3rd in rebounding but is just 1-11 from 3-point range.

Rashad McCants, East: Statistically, he's hot but we've seen him be much more assertive and dominant' we'll see what Sunday brings. McCants is an efficient 16-28 from the field and 6-14 from 3-point range. Sounds like he needs to look for his offense more. He's not rebounding like he usually does.

J.J. Redick, East: He's getting a lukewarm grade because he's not being assertive enough. Last year, Redick launched 42 3-point shots at this event. Right now, he's only taken 11 of them through three games. He's hit five, but he's passed on some good looks. When you have a stroke like he does, passing on good looks isn't wise.

Kelenna Azubuike, South: He's heating up after a 10-15 performance from the field in his final game on Saturday. Prior to that he was definitely on the cold end of the thermometer.

Mario Boggan, East: The big fella is 14-22 from the field and that's good. However, he's only averaging 2.7 rebounds and that's not good; none of those rebounds have come on the offensive glass.

Chris Rodgers, West: Offensively, he's hot and is leading the event in scoring. He's hitting 43% of his FGs and 50% of his threes while connecting on 18-22 FTs. On the negative side, he has 5 assists and 17 turnovers. In his defense, he has to deal with a lot of pressure and he's not getting much assistance from his teammates.

Hassan Adams, West: He was a late arrival at camp and he's playing pretty well. He's averaging 17 points and is 9-11 from the line. We'd like to see him beef up his 3-point stroke.

Antonio Lawrence, South: He's having a strange tournament. His shooting percentage (41%) could be even better but he missed a few dunks on Saturday. On the positive side, he has 9 assists, though most of them came in the 58-point blowout. He is averaging close to 6 boards. Now for the bad news, he's 1-7 from 3-point range and is just 5-16 from the line.

Marcus White, North: He isn't playing all that much, but when he's in there he's getting on the glass and is averaging 7.3 rebounds in only 15 minutes of action. He's only 6-17 from the field but is 11-16 from the line.

Bryan Hopkins, South: He's shooting 46% from the field, but is 0-5 from deep. His field goal percentage would be even better, but he's left a lot of balls on the rim. His 6 steals and perfect 5-5 from the line get him into the lukewarm category.


NOTE: A lot of the heavy hitters at the point guard spot are having the same issues at the same time. Poor shooting from the perimeter, but each is making positive contributions in the assist category. It's strange how so many point guards are having trouble putting the ball in the hoop at the same time. Very weird.

Sean Dockery, North: The ankle injury is hobbling him a bit and he's not shooting it well (39% FG, 27% from deep). However, he is second in assists but ranks second in turnovers.

Raymond Felton, South: He's shooting .381 from the field and is 0-for-8 from downtown. He's only 4-of-8 at the line. On the positive side, he's third in the camp in assists.

John Gilchrist, East: Like a lot of his point guard counterparts, Gilchrist is struggling from the field (36% FG, 20% 3-pt. FG). Also like a lot of his counterparts, he's dishing out the assists. He leads the camp.

Bracey Wright, South: It happened to Earnest Shelton last year and it's happening to Wright this year. This super-shooter just can't find his stroke. He's being real hard on himself and is surely pressing. As a result, his minutes have diminished. He's 2-9 from deep and 0-2 from the line while shooting just 34% from the field. This is simply one of the best shooters in the country having a rough weekend. He's still smiling but it's killing him inside.

Justin Gray, West: He's struggling with his jumper and is 5-22 from downtown over is shooting just 33% from the field. He has 3 assists and 7 turnovers.

Deron Williams, South: The minutes are tough to scatter around for the South point guards and it's difficult for any of them to catch a groove. Williams is 6-20 from the field and is 0-4 from downtown. He has 9 assists.

Michael Thompson, North: He started out really well with a 12 point, 9 rebound outing. Since then, he's struggled with his shot a little. He's shooting just 32% from the field and has just seven rebounds in his last two games while averaging 18 minutes a game.

INJURED: Paul Davis missed on game with what amounts to a hip pointer so he's tough to evaluate. The same has to be said for Sean May. It looks like he's hurt as well. Both are averaging 6 points and 5 boards.

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