Ager Says He Doesn't Have A Leader

Maurice Ager, one of BCH's "Bulls-eye Top 25" prospects, says that he currently doesn't have a leader. The guard from Detroit isn't ready to commit right now, but that could change come August.

Over 20 Calls The First Day

 Last Thursday, Detroit Crockett guard Maurice Ager's phone was going bananas. College coaches from around the country had him on speed dial. He received over 20 phone calls from would-be suitors, but Ager didn't talk to many. He wasn't around much that day.

Regardless of spoke with him last week, he maintains a list of Michigan State, Marquette, Missouri, UConn and Michigan. "I'm just not ready to commit right now," Ager said. "Maybe I will be around August."

Ager has already taken unofficial visits to Marquette, Michigan and Michigan State. He says he'll trip down to Missouri this month. "I just don't have a leader right now."

Playing AAU basketball this spring has contributed to his quick rise up the recruiting charts. "I've always had the talent," Ager said. "I just didn't really have a good chance to put it on display. I knew I would blow up when I was with the Hurricanes."

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