Souza Slimming Down

Renato Souza is just one of many Brazilians who came over to the United States this year to play for Rolando DeLaBerrera at Laurinburg. Souza's been on a serious weight reduction program that is paying dividends.

Size Will Be Attractive Next Season

At 6-9 and a slimmed down 300 pounds, Renato Souza is going to be attractive for some programs next season. Right now he's in the midst of a program designed to slim him down and get him in shape for a stellar senior year.

The native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, came to the United States in November and tipped the scales in the neighborhood of 355. "He's down to about 315 right now," DeLaBerrera said. "He's been eating less and besides the season he's been exercising and running on his own. Ideally he wants to get down to 280. I think he's got a chance to do that by the time the summer comes."

Souza progressed as the season went along. He had some shining moments for Laurinburg where he scored well in the paint using his size to dictate plays. "Even at 355 he could still dunk easily with two hands. I'm hoping this is going to help him get a lot better. The amount of weight loss is impressive."

He's still a work in progress but combine the weight loss with some natural skills and you'll have a young man that will be intriguing to a number of programs. He's already receiving letters from South Carolina, Marquette, Miami and Wyoming.

His coach has been impressed with how his game is coming along in the off-season. "I think he's expanding his game and developing a nice 12 foot area for his outside shot. He's better at his free throw shooting. He's a lot like Kevin Young who I had. Basically, Kevin sealed you and he drop stepped you. It's basically the same thing with Renato. He's great at putting a body on big guys."

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