Zeller Decision Felt Coast to Coast

The impact of the decision from Cody Zeller to attend Indiana is one being felt all over the country.

The state of Indiana was abuzz on Thursday morning in anticipation of the college announcement from Cody Zeller. The significant front runner for Mr. Basketball in the state was torn between Butler, Indiana, and North Carolina before eventually picking the Hoosiers.

While the three head coaches directly involved were obviously on pins and needles waiting on the announcement, so were many coaches around the country that were indirectly impacted with the outcome of this recruitment.

The reason so many schools were so interested in a prospect who narrowed his list to three several months ago is because of the potential impact that the decision could have on Angelo Chol and Adjehi Baru.

Currently there is very little in the way of quality big men available in the 2011 class, meaning the ones who are remaining such as Chol and Baru are going to be the subject of very heated recruiting battles.

Both Chol and Baru are seriously considering North Carolina along with several other schools, and if North Carolina had landed Zeller, odds are the Tar Heels would be done looking for an interior presence in the class.

Now that it is clear that Zeller isn't going to Carolina, what does this do to Baru and Chol?

For Baru a decision could come at any time. While Baru and his guardian have kept an extraordinarily tight lid on things, most have felt that Maryland or North Carolina would be the teams to beat with a challenge from College of Charleston due to a close familiarity.

That premise however was based on the assumption that UNC would have room for Baru. Now it is obvious that they do. In essence Zeller just made things exponentially harder for Maryland, Charleston, and Virginia Tech in this recruitment. If the Tar Heels weren't involved, and now they very much are, those schools would be breathing much easier at the moment.

The bottom line is even though Zeller won't be playing in the ACC, his impact is currently being felt very large, in the form of a defensively dominant top 50 center by a trio of schools in the conference.

Heading out to the West Coast, several other sets of eyes were glued to the internet waiting on the announcement, and once again North Carolina was at the center of why. This time with Chol, coaches from Arizona, Washington, Alabama, and Kansas were interested to see what would happen.

Had Zeller chosen Carolina, likely that would have taken them out for Chol as well, and left the remaining four schools to try and secure his services.

Unlike Baru who could decide any day, Chol will make his decision on February 17. That decision will come after visits to North Carolina, Arizona, and Washington during the months of January and February.

Without North Carolina, Kansas, Washington, Alabama, and Arizona would all be much happier. Now the Tar Heels are bound to really pick it up with Chol, and several sources indicated that they will be in it right until the end, and will be a major factor going forward.

Coast to coast across the college basketball the decision of Zeller is being felt. From Seattle, to Tucson, to College Park, to Tuscaloosa, Zeller made news. While he made one staff very happy today, he made several others shake their heads.

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