Luckett Will Wait for Spring

LeAntwan Luckett plans to sign late, and he should garner significant interest before the start of the late signing period.

The state of Mississippi is in the middle of a banner year for talent in the 2011 class. Numerous high-majors emerged throughout the state, and one unsigned player with that potential is LeAntwan Luckett.

A wing with a lot of athleticism who excels at getting to the rim, Luckett has decided to wait until the spring to sign according to his AAU Coach Ted Hutchins.

"He really wanted to wait until after the high school season," said Hutchins. "He is doing excellent in school right now, and he wants to see what his options are at the time once his season is over. He told me he just wasn't comfortable right now making a decision."

One reason why Hutchins and Luckett feel more options will come is because of the work being done in the classroom. Luckett has made great strides with his academics, and is now on pace to qualify easily.

"This year, his senior year, is like a 180 from his freshman and sophomore year," said Hutchins. "He figured out in time that if he buckled down he would actually make it, and that is where he is right now. He is a B+ student right now. His mom wants him to get a good education, and he is taking advantage of it."

The school that has been on Luckett the longest is Missouri State. Head Coach Cuonzo Martin has been very active in recruiting Luckett, and that has Hutchins and everybody paying close attention.

"(Luckett) loves Coach Martin," said Hutchins. "He hasn't visited yet, but that is one of the schools he definitely plans to visit. He has personally met with Coach Martin, and I can tell you he loves Coach Martin. He has been there and done that at the college level and has a pretty good relationship with him."

He continued about Missouri State, "Coach Martin was at every game at nationals. That meant a lot to LeAntwan."

While Missouri State has been on Luckett the longest, the Colorado Buffalos are making a strong push. With Colorado leaving the Big XII this year, that is something that actually appeals to Luckett.

"With Colorado moving to the Pac 10 or the Pac 12, it is going to open up his eyes," said Hutchins. "He went to Los Angeles for a tournament earlier this year and liked it. I think the West Coast style of basketball also intrigues him. They jumped in late, but I know he is interested in them."

Aside from those two schools, Hutchins says several others remain in contact with Luckett.

"He is still hearing from Murray State, and Mississippi State is trying to see where their recruitment is at," said Hutchins. "They like him, but they signed three good players already, so they are trying to see if they will have room. Tulane and Southern Mississippi are also recruiting him."

According to Hutchins, Luckett isn't close to making a decision. With that said the three-star guard does know what he will be looking for when selecting a school.

"He is just looking for where he will be comfortable," said Hutchins. "He wants to be comfortable with the coaching staff and the players. He has never mentioned playing time to me. If he is going to a school and it seems right, he doesn't care how far or how close it is, he will go there. Also his mom has stressed education, so that is very important to him."

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