Katenda Ready to Emerge

Eric Katenda is back healthy after an injury and is now ready to focus on his recruitment.

In the spring one prospect who seemed primed to break out was Eric Katenda. The power forward looked very good early on, but then an injury ended his summer. Without playing in many tournaments Katenda somewhat fell off the radar, but now he is back and feeling good.

At 6-foot-9 and 210 pounds, Katenda has good size and solid athleticism. That allows him to make plays both inside and out on the floor. In a class that is looking for more big guys to emerge, Katenda should become a hot commodity going into the spring signing period.

According to his legal guardian Joe Tuomo, Katenda wanted to focus on his academics and his game by slowing down his recruitment.

"He hasn't taken the SAT yet and he wanted to make sure that he was educated on all of his options," said Tuomo. "Those were the main reasons why he decided to wait."

Schools such as Connecticut, Fairfield, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Wake Forest have all been in touch with Katenda, but Tuomo says nothing has been narrowed down quite yet.

"There have been a lot of schools," said Tuomo. "A bunch of schools are interested, but he needs to narrow it down soon. I told him he can't have a bunch of schools calling every day because it can be a distraction, and he has to focus on academics."

For now Katenda is focused on his academics and doing well on the SAT. One thing he no longer needs to worry about is getting healthy. After missing the majority of the summer, Tuomo feels Katenda is once again back to 100 percent.

"Eric had an operation," explained Tuomo. "He had an appendectomy, and then he came back too early. He played in a tournament in Massachusetts, and he wasn't ready, so we had to shut him down."

Tuomo continued, "Right now Eric is still growing. He is probably going to be about 6-foot-10, so his tendons are real fragile. He worked extremely hard this summer. He put on 20 pounds so he is stronger and faster. The injury is behind him now and he is ready to step up this season."

Once Katenda takes the SAT, Tuomo will encourage him to take some official visits and then make a decision. Currently Katenda is researching the schools on his list and trying to figure out the situations that he will fit best in.

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