Top Performers: National Prep Showcase

Following every event during the high school season we will hit you with a couple of the top performers shortly after the action. This past weekend at the National Prep Showcase there were a number of standouts.

Size: 7-6/175 |
Quick Take: He wasn't quite as good on day two, but his 30-point effort on opening day left a lasting impression. He has impressive ball skills, the athleticism to make plays on both ends of the floor and a legit jump shot. The key for Ledo is staying focused and honed in on the game at all times. All the tools are there and it's possible that he's under ranked at No. 10 overall in the class of 2012. To date, I haven't seen a better all around scorer in the junior class.
Size: 7-0/220 |
Quick Take: Heading into St. Mark's evening game we weren't exactly expecting much out of the 7-footer. We were told he had a hurt hand and was just going to give it a go. Turns out giving it a go for Tarczewski turned into a 25-point, 10-rebound outing. We are seeing big strides in Tarczewski's offense. He's becoming more comfortable making post moves and he has developed great touch around the basket. To go with that improvement, he was active blocking and altering shots, and also made sure he brought a strong motor to the backboard.
Size: 7-8/180 |
Quick Take: As aggressive as his running mate Tarczewski was on the glass, Murphy showed even more intensity and effort trying to reel in boards. He totaled 17 of them and it was clear the 6-foot-8 forward has been trying to become more of a force on the glass. In the past Murphy often times relies on his jump shot too much, that wasn't the case here as he looked to attack the rim at every opportunity. He was especially effective when he was able to get out in transition. Perhaps the most impressive thing we noticed about Murphy was how hard and tough he played.

Size: 7-7/175 |
Quick Take: Without Thomas, a 6-foot-7 wing headed to Cincinnati, NIA Prep likely loses their game on Friday. A known scorer, Thomas dropped 27 points in a come from behind win. His three-pointer as time expired sent the game into overtime and then he made plays to start the period that got NIA Prep on the right foot. The worry with Thomas is his lack of strength and how that will translate at the next level. With that said, he has an impressive scoring package and is able to put up points in a number of ways.
Size: 7-11/265 |
Quick Take: The critics were out on Friday after just a so-so outing for the top ranked player in the 2012 class. Truth is Drummond needs to spend more time in the paint instead of roaming to the perimeter. On Saturday the 6-foot-10 post prospect did a much better job and especially focused on rebounding. The tools are there for Drummond to be a big time basketball player. At his size he's an elite athlete, already has a college ready frame and he has a terrific set of hands. To go with that, he's already developed into a pretty talented shot blocker. His line of 22 points, 16 rebounds and six blocks was among the best during the three-day event.

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