York Garnering More Attention

For Gabe York it was a big summer where he proved that he is a high-major prospect. Now numerous schools from all over are coming in and showing interest.

The West Coast is seemingly back with high level prospects in the 2012 class, and one of the best is Gabe York. The high scoring guard made an impact running with the Compton Magic over the summer, and now is bringing in coast-to-coast recruiting attention.

For York he has always known that he can score. A big time athlete, York has been able to get buckets by making shots or simply jumping over and around people his entire life. However the self aware prospect knew that other parts of his game had to develop to become a high level prospect, and it showed in the improvements he made this summer.

"I played with the Compton Magic my freshman year, but I wasn't the main player," said York. "I was a starter at the end, but this year I knew I needed to work on my defense and my ball handling. That is what I worked on going from high school basketball to AAU, and I made improvements in those areas, and it all came together."

He continued, "We lost Jahii (Carson), so the point guard position came to me. I was working to find the balance between getting everyone involved and getting into the offense while at the same time scoring when I need to score."

Now that he has become a well rounded player on the floor, York is seeing significant attention off of it.

"The people who have just been getting involved are UConn, UCLA, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Kansas," said York about the recruiting attention he has received. "Those are the schools that just recently have gotten involved. From my freshman year I have the whole Pac-10, Marquette, and Miami-Florida."

York noted that everyone in the Pac-10 except for UCLA has offered. Also he has picked up offers from Connecticut, Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado, Miami, and Marquette.

For now York has no visits scheduled, but he does hope to make some trips with Compton Magic AAU Coach Etop Udo-Ema.

"Etop is who I will be traveling with the most," said York. "He has a lot of players in college and will be traveling to the games. As of right now I don't have any unofficial visits set up. Right now I am just trying to get to know the coaches as well as I can."

In his conversations with the coaches, York is looking for how well he meshes with them on a personal level more than a basketball level. According to York that is important to both him and his mom.

"The biggest thing for me and my mom is just the relationship I will have with the coach off the court," explained York. "Obviously all the coaches are telling me what they want me to hear, but just talking to me about regular stuff, that is going to get to help me more. The biggest thing for my mom is that the coaches take care of me as a person, so if I do go far from home that will make her feel comfortable."

At the moment York has no timetable for his decision, and indicates that he is open to any school no matter how far from his home.

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