Dawson and Davis Put On Show

For Branden Dawson and Anthony Davis it was a treat to go against each other, and neither dissapointed with their play.

It isn't often that two top 20 players go against each other during a high school game let alone actually guard each other. That is exactly what happened with Branden Dawson and Anthony Davis. While Davis' supporting cast was clearly inferior to that of Dawson's, the duo still put on quite a show for the crowd.

The game began with Davis wining the tap against Dawson, that would be the last win that the Chicago Perspectives team would get, as it was obvious they were outmanned, but the always high motor Davis was determined to keep it close as long as he could.

Davis altered the first shot Dawson took, then he blocked another two, and for good measure came down and nailed a triple of his own to get the scoring kicked off. While Davis was doing that, all Dawson did was catch a ridiculous one handed tomahawk ally-oop dunk that he slammed home emphatically.

"My point guard told me to look for the lob," explained Dawson. "He told me it was going to be there so I just went and got it. I know it was ferocious, and I think it got us fired up."

One reason the two of them came out so intensely is because they were having some good natured ribbing leading up to the game.

"I got his number so we would be in contact," said Dawson with a smile. "I was hitting him up saying that we were going to blow them out. He just would respond with LOL. We were just talking trash and I think we both came out and worked hard."

For the two of them they were just excited because their coaches made it clear to both of them that they would be guarding each other.

"It is great," Davis said of guarding another five-star prospect for an entire game. "It brings a lot of excitement. It makes us work hard and be better as individuals."

Dawson added, "We have played against each other. I knew he was a good kid and a good player who is real skilled. I was excited before the game."

Next season Dawson will be headed to Michigan State while Davis will be suiting it up for John Calipari at Kentucky. With both programs in line to be ranked very highly in the pre-season polls, the two of them know there is a chance they could be meeting up again down the road.

"I just told him to keep working and to make sure to stay in contact since we should be seeing each next year," said Davis.

About them meeting up in the future, Dawson said, "I told him I will see him at the next level and hopefully in the Final Four."

The game itself between the two teams was a blowout. Gary Lew Wallace simply had too much athleticism for Perspectives. Dawson recorded 25 points and five rebounds while Davis had 37 points, 15 rebounds, and 11 blocks for an impressive triple double.

While the game didn't have much intrigue the individual matchup did, and neither Dawson nor Davis disappointed, in fact both exceled at a very high level.

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