TOC Top Performers

The Tournament of Champions had some excellent individual performances, and here are five guys who really stood out.

Size: 7-9/190 |
Quick Take: Davis came into the tournament as the top ranked player in the nation, and he did nothing but cement that status. The 6-foot-10 Davis showed an improved perimeter game along with excellent skills on the low block. His numbers were borderline ridiculous, and the toughness he showed despite being an on an inferior team was truly impressive. Davis simply keeps getting more and more skilled, and given his length and athleticism that is a scary thought for schools not named Kentucky in the SEC.

Size: 6-4/190 |
Quick Take:Johnson can be doubted at times because of his lack of athleticism, but there is no doubting his production. He set the tournament record for most points in a game, and showed an uncanny ability to pass the basketball. Johnson is the only major threat on his team, and even with added attention he was able to get to the rim at will and either score or create for his teammates. On top of that Johnson also showed off an improved jumper, making him tougher to stop off the dribble.

Size: 7-6/210 |
Quick Take: In his only game at the event, Dawson was very impressive. He looked bigger, stronger, and more athletic than he was over the summer. Beyond that his motor was running as high as ever, and even the perimeter skills are showing improvement. He needs to become more of a finished product, but in a dominant win Dawson showed off the skills that make him a five-star prospect.

Size: 6-2/170 |
Quick Take:Kabongo has always been praised for his ability to pass the basketball and run a team, but now he is adding more to his game. He is becoming more of a problem to guard because now he can be a threat to knock down the perimeter jumper, hitting several during the tournament. Also he looks quicker and more intense than ever on the defensive end. On an absolutely loaded team, Kabongo was able to standout.

Size: 7-8/200 |
Quick Take: Findlay Prep is considered a guard oriented team, but Shepard gives them some balance on the interior. The combo forward is extremely long and always plays with a high level of energy. Shepard gave the Pilots excellent production on the glass and also scoring on the block. His improvement has been evident recently, and the numbers were good all tournament long.

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