Providence In Good Shape

Count Providence as one of the schools who can approach the July period with a different agenda than most. A recent commitment from PG Donnie McGrath will allow the Friars to use the July period to get a head start on most of their counterparts in the Big East.

McGrath Commitment Important

Syracuse is going to be able to spend most of July watching a select number of high school seniors since they have already given out two grants to members of the Class of 2002 and is low on scholarships. Count Providence as a school in the same enviable situation.

Recently, the Friars received a commitment from Donnie McGrath, according to the Providence Journal. McGrath was a standout for the New York Ravens at the Tournament of Champions and has strung together a fine spring and early summer season.

He will be the point guard of the future for the Friars who lose Jon Linehan following next season. As important as the McGrath commitment is to a program needing leadership at that position, it has further significance.

The Friars will be a young basketball team the next few seasons. What this means is that while they won't need a ton of players from the Class of 2003, they will need a bunch the following year. Tim Welsh and his staff now have the opportunity to show up at AAU games and camps looking for young kids, extremely young kids.

The Friars should be able to find themselves in gyms with rising sophomores where maybe only a handful of college coaches will be. The young kids will see that Friars logo and they'll know who was there first. On the flipside, Welsh and his staff will be able to get a good grasp on the upcoming classes and get a head start on most of the nation.

Photo courtesy of Providence sports information.

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