Washington Must Pick A Sport

Lubbock (TX) Monterey's Josh Washington is being recruited in two sports. However, he says that he'll only play one in college and has yet to make up his mind which sport he'll choose. Could be hoops, but it could be football. Guess what, he lives close to The General.

Football or Hoops?

Lubbock (TX) Monterey's Josh Washington is a very good player. The shooting guard plays second fiddle to Bracey Wright on Team Texas, but hey, that's not a bad role to play considering Wright is pretty good. If you recall last year, another former Team Texas guy did pretty well playing alongside Wright. His name was Keith Langford and he signed with Kansas.

Washington is going to be at Nike Camp, the Peach Jam and the Super Showcase. He's very pleased with how his recruitment has gone so far.

"It's going really nice," Washington said. "It's a good experience to get all the calls and offers. My parents are pretty happy they won't have to pay my college tuition."

Washington is receiving plenty of interest and he probably will get more since he's in line to have a very good summer. So far, Colorado State, Houston, Texas Tech, Southern Cal, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Boston College have offered.

The second-team all-state selection as a junior averaged 21 points and 9 boards last year. He sports a 3.8 GPA and has yet to take the SAT, but he'll be fine on that end.

Right now, Texas Tech and Boston College appear to be in the best shape. In regards to Tech, Washington sounds extremely positive. "I could stay at home and play four years for a legendary coach." He plays a lot of pickup ball on Tech's campus. He's also been to Houston on an unofficial visit.

Don't think Washington hasn't taken note of the tremendous success Boston College had in hoops last season, either.

Soon, Washington is going to have to make a decision about his future and it's not just about picking a college. See, Washington is an outstanding wide receiver prospect and is getting some pretty nice looks from big-time schools like Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas and Rice. He was a first-team all-region performer on the gridiron last season.

Washington says he won't be ready to make a college choice until November and at that point, one would think he'd have his decision about which sport to play ironed out. Josh, if it helps, basketball isn't a bad option!

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