"Peeper" Remains Undecided

Anthony Roberson hasn't made up his mind. Originally, there was some speculation that his recruitment would end this week. Right now, he says there are two schools he's really looking at and a third hasn't made the commitment to him at this juncture.

"Peeper" Not Ready To Pull The Trigger

Saginaw PG Anthony Roberson remains undecided about his future college.

"No, I haven't made my decision," Roberson said. "I've just been taking my time trying to get comfortable with either program." Either program means Michigan State and Florida.

Here's what we know has developed. At one point this week, Florida was looking really strong. However, Roberson did have a chance to meet again with Michigan State representatives and who knows what that has done to his thought process.

"I'm close to deciding, but I don't know when. It's between Michigan State, Florida and possibly Duke." As of Friday, Duke had not offered him a scholarship and he hasn't spoken with anyone from Duke since the Tournament of Champions when he was on the Duke campus for a game.

Will Duke offer? That's the million-dollar question and it looks like the Blue Devils just aren't moving in that direction. They seem committed to Sean Dockery at that position. "It would be a big thing if they did. Things could change, but I never thought about it. If they did, I would have to consider it."

"Michigan State has always been there. I've been liking them since my freshman year." What about Florida? "I like them too. I'm just not really sure where I want to go. I like both of them."

Roberson said two of the biggest questions he has are the amount of playing time he can receive early and how comfortable he feels with each program.

On His Friend Jason Richardson

"I was so happy to see him go 5th. The smile and him grabbing that hat … I know he's happy. He's living a dream. All of his hardwork paid off. I want to accomplish everything he has.

On The Nickname "Peeper"

"My dad named that when I was little. I didn't really ask him what it means."

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