Lucas Making Strong Adjustment

For Landen Lucas it has been an adjustment at Findlay Prep, but his game is improving and his recruitment continues to take off.

Going from playing high school basketball in the state of Oregon to playing at Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada isn't the easiest transition in the world, but it is one that Landen Lucas continues to make. The four-star big man has trimmed down and subsequently stepped up his game since arriving at Findlay.

The first time that Lucas really had a chance to play against the best on a national stage was at the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp in June. At the camp Lucas was solid, but it took some time to adjust to the level of competition.

"At the NBA Camp it was a good test for me because I had a chance to go up against other great players that I hadn't had a chance to go up against before," said Lucas.

Now that he is playing at Findlay Prep, Lucas feels things would be much different if he had to do it over again.

"When I came down to Findlay the coaches really worked on my conditioning," Lucas explained. "I came in and dropped about 15 pounds and then worked on my strength. Also going up against my teammates every day in practice makes me better. I bet if I went back to that NBA Camp it would be a different story."

In terms of his recruitment, Lucas says things are picking up, and that he is beginning to see the reach of his recruitment change.

"It has been great," said Lucas of his recruitment. "Offers wise it is everybody in the Pac 10 except for UCLA who has contacted me. Texas has offered, Georgetown, Kansas is showing interest, Vanderbilt offered, and Florida is showing interest."

He continued, "More East Coast schools are showing interest, and the more I travel with (Findlay Prep) I think more attention will come from those schools across the country."

Already Lucas is away from home, so while he admits playing close to family in Oregon could be intriguing, he says it won't be a major factor going forward.

"It is always nice to play close to home, but I am just looking for the right fit," said Lucas. "There are schools that fit my style. When we narrow it down it won't matter where a school is located."

While most kids say they are looking for a real up tempo system, Lucas is a self aware player that knows he has to choose a specific style that will benefit a 6-foot-8 and 240 pound post player.

"I don't mind an up tempo team, but I need a coach who has control of the offense so that they can slow it up and run a play," explained Lucas. "I am one of those guys that succeeds off of set plays. I feel that anywhere I go will be fine defensively and rebounding, but offensively I want to find the right fit."

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