Jones Working to Improve

Torren Jones is a big man on the West Coast who has some definite down the road potential.

On the West Coast Torren Jones has gotten a lot of attention. With his size, strength, and solid skill level there has been excitement about him for a long time despite the fact that he is only in his sophomore season. For Jones he is now using this season to show people that he can live up to the expectations.

At 6-foot-8 and 215 pounds with long arms, Jones certainly is capable of opening up eyes on a basketball floor. He runs the floor very well, and also has a decent touch around the rim. Now Jones is trying to simply put all of those skills together to become a very productive player.

"I am just keeping on working hard," Jones explained. "I know I have to live up to the expectations, so I work harder and harder every day."

On the recruiting front Jones has had attention from schools in the Pac-10 since he was in the eighth grade, and he continues to hear from many of the top schools.

"Of course Arizona, UCLA, USC, Cal, and Georgetown has started to call," Jones said about the schools he is hearing from.

When looking for a school down the road, Jones already has a few factors that will be important to him.

"First off the academics are going to be important to me," Jones explained. "Also I love to run up and down the floor, so a fast paced team is important. I also am looking for a school that feeds the post and wins a lot of games."

For now Jones is simply working to improve on his game as he goes forward. When asked what he needs to focus on, Jones said, "I am constantly working on my jump shot and my ball handling so I can play more facing the rim."

Right now his game is still coming together, but many are banking on the fact that it will before the time comes for him to head off to college.

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