Finamore's Second Report From The 16's

Well I finally did it. After spending three days at Lake Orion HS watching all the action, I decided to travel to another gym to check out some more squads. The staff at Lake Orion are doing a terrific job but I felt that I had to travel to Oakland University to see the Houston Hoops in action. Everyone knows about their "bigs" but let me tell you about a guard they have by the name of Michael Rose.

Rose Surprises In Detroit

This kid can play. At first, all you think he can do is sit out on the arc and knock down wide open jays. But wait, there is more to his game then shooting jumpers. Rose can put the ball on the floor in traffic and against the press. He is also a very good passer and defender. Some more evaluations.

Houston Hoops

Kendrick Perkins 6-11 Big time player. Likes to handle the ball. Throws down thunderous dunks.

Ndudi Ebi 6-10 Another big time player. Handles the ball against pressure.

Michael Rose 6-2 Great player who can shoot the lights out of the gym. Great passer and shaker.


William Blaylock 6-0 Unstoppable going to rack. He does it all. He is a high D-1 prospect.

Stevie Heiley 5-11 Point guard who can score. Great defender. Great poise. High D-1

Courtney Simms 6-9 High ceiling. Great kid. Best singles tennis player in Mass.

Sam Kaplan 6-6 Tough inside scorer. Great role player for them. Gets job done.

Queen City Prophets

 Michael Pilgrim 6-7 Southpaw who can do it all. Has a sweet pull-up on the break. Great athlete.

Curtis Anderson 6-5 Another slasher/flyer who is unstoppable. Sweet moves off the dribble.

Raymond Edwards 6-5 Big time horse. Great scorer in post. Awesome rebounder.


Corey Johnson 6-0 Outstanding combo guard who can score or shake anyone. Strong body.

Carolina Hornets

 Keith Foster 6-9 Horse. Rebounds, blocks shots, and runs floor well.

Drew Williamson 5-11 Great finisher on break. Tough to stop.

Robert Holcomb-Faye 6-2 Very good guard who can shoot and break down his man.

Upstate Dragons

 Jermaine Bell 6-10 Smooth lefty who can be a big time player someday. Needs to work hard.

Cecil Lee 5-10 Poised point guard who can get job done. Needs to add weight.

No Excuses

Todd Abernethy 6-1 Tough point guard who excels off the dribble. Great genes.

Darren Yates 6-2 Can shoot the long three. Tough defender. Plays very aggressive.

Devin Thomas 6-3 Left handed shooter. Very strong body-wise.

Adam Liddell 6-6 Nice stroke from 12 feet out. Could be a sleeper.

Kappa Magic

Reyshaun Terry 6-6 Runner/flyer type player. Great body. Will slam on you.

Chris Paul 5-11 Outstanding point guard. Very quick all over the floor. Can shoot the three.

Arkansas Hawks

Ronnie Brewer 6-5 Great size. Can really take it to rack. Great genes. Long and lean.

North Carolina Gators

Anthony Atkinson 5-11 Tough defender. Has jet-like speed. Great vision. Loves to pass.

Casey Long 6-2 Awesome handle in open court. Great at going off the dribble.

Terrance Partee 6-6 Great inside scorer. Quick first step on drive. Good passer.

Georgia Stars

 Jass Ross 6-4 Tough slasher. Plays hard. Can shoot the three. Looks to go to rack.

Brent Petway 6-8 Potential to be great someday. Left-hander in post looks good.

Patrick Ewing Jr. 6-7 Another potential guy. Needs to play harder. Great genes.

Dayton Salvation Army

Gary Jones 5-11 Good point guard who can knock down outside jumpers.

Prince William

Curtis Gramby 6-4 Good scorer and rebounder. Blocks shots and has nice hops.


Kyle Anslinger 6-4 Great shooter who can break down his defender and dish off.

Reid Sakel 6-2 Tough point guard who can shoot the pill.

Jackson Panthers

Byron Williams 6-4 Tough in post. Good rebounder. Plays very hard at all times.

Warren Scott 6-8 Shot blocker with great hands. Hits the offensive boards hard.

New York Gauchos

Marlon Smith 5-11 Tough guard who can score at will. Plays like Stephon Marbury.

Joey Sandberg 5-11 Tough as nails guard who can get to rack. Great defender.

Adrian Joseph 6-6 Big time player. Scores inside and rebounds and defends well.

Alex Buzbee 6-4 Garbage man who holds squad together. Great attitude. Plays hard.

Tournament Notes

Jackie Butler failed to show up with his Panther team due to a commitment he had at the Mississippi state Basketball camp…I don't know what people mean when they say AAU basketball is not good for kids, but all I know is that I saw a lot of AAU coaches doing a great job on and off the court…

Former NBA player Ron "Boot" Brewer (he was shocked when I called him by his nickname, not to mention one of his player's) is coaching the Arkansas Hawks and did a fine job I may add. His son Ronnie, is a big time player…Michigan Mustangs forward Lamarr Woodley is a blue-chip football player. Sources say he is a lock for Michigan State or Michigan on the gridiron…Michael Nardi (Newark, NJ) is a big time player…Brandon Cotton (The Family) will be a high Division I player someday…

Where are the Michigan Hurricanes, the Riverside Hawks, Brooklyn USA, The Pumps, any team from Vegas, Long Island Panthers, LeBron James, Dion Harris, Coach Bruno from the Gauchos and the Stewart twins?

BABC's backcourt is unreal, how do you stop those two guys Heiley and Blaylock?…Georgia Stars ran a great alley-oop slam dunk on a set play to start a game…Michigan Wolverine Gavin Groninger was in the house to watch his younger brother Gaston play for No Excuses…Former IU Hoosier Tom Abernethy was seen checking out his son Todd , who plays on the same team as Groninger…

 Seattle Sonic Patrick Ewing has his son Patrick Jr. playing for the Georgia Stars…One assistant coach told me, "you need good guards to win this thing"…Did I mention how good Michael Rose is from the Houston Hoops?…Kendrick Perkins from the Hoops is a better player than two, maybe even three of those high school players taken in last week's draft…Did I mention the other kid from the Houston Hoops Ndudi Ebi ? He is the real deal…The Oakland Rec. Center is SWEET!

I spent seven hours in two gyms Saturday without a bite to eat…Vince Baldwin from Prep Spotlight was in the house along with his partner John Stovall… Stephen Bell from the Bank was also on hand…I didn't see any NBA scouts…The one complaint I have is that they don't post the box scores in the media room like they did two years ago…

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I will try and make it down again Sunday night, or possibly Monday and Tuesday. Semi's are Monday and the finals are set for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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