Racing To The Rim: Day Two

GEOREGETOWN, Ky. -- Negus Webster-Chan, Stefan Jankovic and Terrence O'Donohue were the top performers on day two of the Racing to the Rim Showcase.

Michael Chandler, C, Lawrence North – The most impressive thing about Chandler's 24-point, 12-rebound outing against Scott County was that he made the plays he needed to make inside. When he got touches on the block he made quick, aggressive moves to the basket. Now we'd still like him to develop a jump hook and some post moves, but he was active and assertive attacking the basket.

Johnny O'Bryant, PF, East Side – Every time we see O'Bryant he looks a little bigger. He's clearly spent some time in the weight room and once he gets in a college lifting program his frame will fill out even more. O'Bryant was relatively active inside looking to score. For a guy his size he moves quite well up and down the floor. On Saturday he impressed on lookers with his passing out of the post and he also found he way to the free throw line quite a bit.

Tamron Manning, SG, Scott County – For the second day in a row, Manning impressed us with his poise and ability. Clearly a guy that has spent some time working out in the gym, Manning, a 6-foot-4 do-it-all guard, showed impressive vision, tossing out five assists, but also found a way to get to the free throw line with his jumper not falling. He finished with 15 points.

Isaiah Ivey, SG, Scott County – The Cardinals other main wing threat is Ivey, a 6-foot-2 lean guard. Today he had the mid-range working as he knocked down at least four jumpers from 15 to 18-feet. The lefty finished with 19 points on 7-for-12 shooting. He also recorded four assists in the win over Lawrence North.

L.J. Rose, PG, Second Baptist – It's clear that it's going to take some time for Rose to get back in shape. Against a very good squad the 6-foot-3 guard was forced to do a little bit of everything and shots just weren't falling. All that said, there are no worries with Rose. He's a terrific passer with great vision and a guy that can make long-range shots. He finished with 12 points.

Negus Webster-Chan, SF, Huntington Prep – For a guy his size he has an impressive skill set. He's also starting to develop a much better jump shot and that is big for his overall development. He knocked down two three-pointers in this one and finished 5-for-8 overall from the field, scoring a game high 15 points. With his size, mobility and athleticism we'd like to see him grab a couple more rebounds, but he's an impressive talent that will be recruited at the high major level.

Stefan Jankovic, PF, Huntington Prep – Despite only being at Huntington for a couple of weeks, he's already able to make his presence known. At 6-foot-10 he has a terrific skill set and is able to step out, face up and knock down deep jumpers. He finished 5-for-7 from the field, scoring 12 points and grabbing six rebounds. Sunday will be a good test for Jankovic as he'll go up against an athletic bunch in Quality Education Academy.

Terrance O'Donohue, PF, McCallie – In a battle with freshman Jackson Davis, O'Donohue fought hard for post position, showed a nice low post skills and was active. At 6-foot-7, 200-pounds he has a solid build with a long set of arms. He runs up and down the floor well looking to score and attacked the glass to the tune of nine boards. He finished 9-for-15 from the field and scored 21 points.

Jackson Davis, PF, Lafayette – Every time Davis hits the floor he plays with energy. The 6-foot-7 athletic power forward likes to mix it up inside, will fight for rebounds and isn't afraid to dive on the floor for a loose ball. To top it off, Davis runs the floor extremely well and has a nice set of hands. Offensively he still has some developing to do, but he's a talent with some potential. He finished 6-for-13 from the field with 15 points and grabbed six rebounds.

Michael Chandler said he's not planning to make a college decision for quite some time. He mentioned St. John's, Oregon, Kentucky, Indiana and Connecticut as schools involved.

Terrance O'Donohue said he's heard from Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and some Ivy League schools.

Tanner Shotwell went for 32 points in the win over Lawrence North. The athletic forward was strong around the basket and finished at a high rate. He shot 9-for-15 from the field. Dee Yarbrough scored a game high 23 points for Lafayette in their loss to McCallie. He's a quick guard with an ability to score.

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