Best of Midwest: Top Performers

Numerous players stood out at the recent Best of the Midwest Tournament. An Ohio State commitment, two young Illinois prospects, and a trio of unsigned seniors all made the list of players who opened up serious eyes.

Size: 7-9/200 |
Quick Take: As a senior Porter is emerging as one of the premier players in the nation. Against Simeon he was the best player on the floor, and managed to score 20 points on only 10 shot attempts. Had his teammates been able to get him the ball Porter would have had significantly more production than that. This combo forward is garnering a ton of late interest, and after his impressive performance this weekend, things are going to pick up in a big way.

Recruiting: Missouri, Georgetown, Missouri State, Wake Forest, Oregon, Tennessee, Memphis, UCLA

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take:There just aren't many players who are more skilled in the entire country than this 6-foot-6 sophomore. Parker looks to have improved his physical conditioning and is now a major threat to score from three point range. Also he showed he is a good passer, can handle the ball under pressure, and has soft hands. Beyond all of that he is getting more athletic. Parker clearly asserted himself as one of the best prospects in the 2013 class with this impressive performance.

Recruiting: Illinois, Kansas, Washington, DePaul, Michigan State, Duke, Kentucky, Northwestern, Purdue, Texas

Size: 7-6/190 |
Quick Take: There has never been any doubting the athleticism and natural ability of Thompson when on the floor. The oft injured wing now feels 100 percent healthy and it showed. He slashed to the rim, blocked shots, and finished with impressive dunks in leading his Whitney Young squad to a big win. His jump shot needs to come along still, but the athleticism and skill on the wing opened up some major eyes. His next challenge is staying healthy the entire season.

Recruiting: Committed to Ohio State

Size: 6-2/180 |
Quick Take:It has been an excellent start to the season for Brewer. The senior who is originally from Memphis seems like a lock to get 20-plus points per game every time he steps on the floor. He once again had it working in the mid-range, and expanded his game driving to the rim as well as from deep. Also his biggest contribution came on defense where he made huge strides from earlier in the season. As an unsigned senior who can score, the recruiting calls are no doubt about to come flowing in.

Recruiting: Duquesne, LaSalle, Tennessee-Martin, Kent State

Size: 7-6/190 |
Quick Take: Langford is asked to do a lot for his high school team. At times he has to be the primary ball handler as well as the primary rebounder. Even with so much on his plate, Langford showed well for himself. He can make shots from deep, has a pretty good handle, and is a good sized wing. He wants to play some point guard, but that probably isn't in his future. Right now a commitment to Illinois seems on the horizon for Langford.

Recruiting: Illinois, Georgia, Auburn

Size: 7-9/230 |
Quick Take: The natural talent that Hamilton possesses is quite impressive. For a 6-foot-9 kid he has a great feel for how to pass, has soft hands, and a nice touch in the mid-range. Hamilton also looks to be in the best shape of his life and seems dedicated to the game of basketball. His performance was impressive on a loaded Whitney Young frontline.

Recruiting: Illinois, Michigan State, DePaul, Georgetown, Syracuse

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