Racing to the Rim: Top Performers

GEORGETOWN, Ky. -- The Racing to the Rim event provided us with a strong look at a number of the top prospects in the region. Branden Dawson, Terrance O'Donohue and Tamron Manning were among the top performers.

Size: 6-4/180 |
Quick Take: The junior out of Kentucky helped himself as much as anyone this weekend. Showing more confidence in his jump shot, Manning shot it well from long and mid-range and showed an especially impressive pull-up floater. He made some tough shots, including a pull-up 18-footer going left on Friday to help get Scott County a win over Branden Dawson's Lew Wallace squad.
Size: 7-6/210 |
Quick Take: For the second week in a row Pointer finds himself in this section. Last week he outmanned the competition at the Marshall County Hoopfest and he did the same in Lexington. The Saint John's signee did his normal work at the rim and in transition. He was aggressive attacking the basket and also looked to snag rebounds and mixed in a couple of jump shots. He recently jumped into the 2011 top 50 and he's proving that it was a well-deserved bump.
Size: 7-10/215 |
Quick Take: The Canadian didn't particularly put up big numbers, but we liked what we saw out of him. He's still getting acclimated to a new team and even the 6-foot-10 big man has admitted that it's been tough. But he's showed off his shooting ability and tremendous skill set. Jankovic can stretch the floor and forces the defense to step out and defend him on the perimeter. He also has some moves inside, including a jump hook.
Size: 7-8/205 |
Quick Take: Despite only playing one game in the event, O'Donohue stood out in our minds. A 6-foot-7 power forward, O'Donohue played with some intensity and was active on both ends of the floor. He used his strong frame and long arms to battle in the paint for rebounds and post position. On the block he's pretty skilled and has some scoring moves. He was efficient too, as he was 9-for-15 from the field and scored 21 points.
Size: 7-6/210 |
Quick Take: Dawson, a 6-foot-6 wing prospect headed to Michigan State, basically owned the paint when Lew Wallace took on Scott County. Now he didn't do much outside of it, but he snagged 16 boards and corralled a bunch of offensive rebounds that led to points. He's an athlete that plays hard and gets after it on both ends of the floor. He finished with 22 points in the loss.

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