Upshaw Makes Huge Strides

Robert Upshaw has made major strides to get better over the past year. He is just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential and college coaches from all around are taking note.

There are a lot of quality post products nationally in the class of 2012, and one on the West Coast that is making a lot of noise is Robert Upshaw. The 6-foot-10 and 240 pound big man has improved significantly in the last year, and is just beginning to tap into his potential.

Right now it is a bit of a frustrating time for Upshaw. Due to a transfer from Fresno (Cal.) Edison to Fresno (Cal.) San Joaquin Memorial, Upshaw is currently sitting out with the hopes that he will be allowed to play this season.

"Right now I am sitting out because I transferred," said Upshaw. "I am going through an appeals process right now in order to play."

He continued, "I am able to practice and I am still a part of the team, but it is frustrating. I am still trying to get better. I am not going to stop getting better just because I can't play."

When it comes to recruiting, in the past Upshaw has made unofficial visits to UCLA and USC, and also indicated interest from LSU, Utah, St. Mary's, Texas, Arizona, Arizona State, Illinois, Florida, Harvard, and others.

Now according to Upshaw that list has even grown, and significantly more schools have become involved in his recruitment.

"I have been hearing from a lot of schools," said Upshaw. "Schools from the West Coast, to the Midwest, to the East Coast, I don't want to name them because I know I will forget some, but there are a lot of schools recruiting me."

While he clearly doesn't yet have a list, Upshaw does know what will be important to him when he does have a chance to narrow things down and ultimately select his school.

"When I do choose a school, I will look at things from an academic standpoint most importantly," explained Upshaw. "Also I am just looking for a good school to play basketball at."

Because of the improvements to his game and his physique that he has made over the past year, Upshaw feels that even though he is a true center, he can fit into any system at any school.

"My game has come so far in this past year that I feel I am versatile," said Upshaw. "I don't want to just call myself only a center. I feel I can step out and shoot as well as play on the block so I think I can fit into any system."

For now Upshaw is simply working on getting better during practice while he hopes to be able to get back on the floor soon.

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