Big Easy Is Big Stage

NEW ORLEANS – It's game day in the Big Easy. The biggest day of the year in college basketball is Final Four Saturday. Once again we bring you some of the scuttlebutt from The Four.

Teams Take Different Approaches To Public Practices

Marquette concluded its 50-minute practice session on Friday in a unique way. The Golden Eagles practiced what it would be like to win the big one. Makes sense to us, you've gotta act like you've been there if it happens, right?

Marquette led off the session at noon and they were followed in succession by Syracuse, Kansas and Texas. Each team seemed to take a decidedly different approach.

Syracuse ran through a light workout and the kids loosened up in the end with a little dunking contest. Kansas ran its offense, worked on some defensive principles and generally approached the session in a business-like manner.

Texas appeared to be the loosest team of the bunch. They basically had a shoot around with some light moments. One guy in street clothes appeared to be going one on one with a few of the Horns. We had no idea who he was, but he enjoyed himself.

Oscar In His Future?

Carmelo Anthony has been working everybody down here in the Big Easy. He's our choice for best lead actor in a major role. Carmelo is saying all the right things about a second year at Syracuse, but our guys are telling us the Baltimore native is just working everybody over and he's been very convincing in doing so. The all-american has totally lived up to his billing and we were glad to have him in college buckets, even it is only for one year.

On The Street

On Thursday night we strolled down Bourbon Street and said hello to Ohio State head coach Paul Biancardi. On Friday morning, he was no longer Ohio State associate head coach Paul Biancardi, he was the head coach at Wright State. … In other coaching news, Mick Cronin was named the head coach at Murray State, winning the job over a distinguished group of major college assistants. …


Our Friday evening dinner was by far the best meal we've had down here. Olivie's Creole Restaurant on the corner of Decatur and Iberville was awesome. The shrimp creole was big time and they make their own salad dressing there. We recommend the spicy blue cheese. …

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