Fischer Opens Eyes

A guard as a freshman in high school, Luke Fischer is now a 6-foot-8 skilled power forward who is putting up huge numbers as a sophomore.

Kids who are guards growing up and then have late growth spurts tend to end up as very intriguing prospects. It has been seen with numerous players in the past, and Luke Fischer of Germantown (Wisc.) High School is beginning to fall into that same mold.

The 6-foot-8 and 195 pound power forward is just now growing into his body after working his way in youth basketball playing on the perimeter.

"Luke Fischer a year and a half ago was 6-foot-2. Now he is 6-foot-8 and skilled," said AAU Coach Justin Litscher. "He was a guard coming up in our youth program. He played up for us this summer and has a great feel."

He continued, "Some post guys can become mechanical, Luke has the ability to feel where the defender is and then react off of him."

On the recruiting trail things are just beginning to pick up for Fischer. The 2013 prospect is putting up great numbers this year, and he is just beginning to scratch the surface.

"Indiana State, Creighton, and Marquette have been real interested," said Litscher. "I think Luke is going to blow up this summer because of skill set for a kid who is 6-foot-8."

In a highly anticipated matchup between Germantown and Monomonee Falls, with their star forward J.P. Tokoto, Fischer scored 33 points and added 11 rebounds. Performances like that are showing the long term potential that he has going forward.

"I think he will find his way on a high-major roster for sure," said Litscher. "He is just so long, skilled, and smart. He has the left hand hook and the right hand hook. For a kid his size, I know that schools love his ability to step out and make shots. He will have a lot of opportunities."

For now Fischer is working on getting stronger and improving all aspects of his game, but this season he has been one of the breakout performers in the 2013 class in the Midwest.

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