2013 Intro: Nate Britt

The past few years it's been Tyler Thornton leading the way for Gonzaga. Now they have another high major prospect emerging as a terrific lead guard prospect.

The past couple of years Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga have been lead by their point guard. Last year Tyler Thornton led the way, but now he's suiting up for Mike Krzyzewski and Duke.

Now Gonzaga coach has 2013 highly regarded lead guard Nate Britt to lean on.

"He's definitely been playing very well," Turner told Scout.com. "He's stepping into a leadership and he's emerging into a leader for us on the court and he's becoming an extension of me on the floor."

"He's doing a great job of facilitating and getting our guys the ball as well as scoring for us," he added.

Just 12 games into his sophomore season, Britt, a 6-foot, 155-pounder, is averaging 12.7 points, five assists and four steals per game.

"I think he's a point guard in the truest sense," Turner said. "He has a great basketball IQ. He understands where certain guys need to have the ball to score, but he also has the ability to take over a game and score his own baskets as well."

"I just think his understanding of how the game should be played and how our team should be run," Turner added. "He's ahead of the game. He's just a sophomore, but he plays like a senior."

For Britt the recruiting process is already picking up. Georgetown, Xavier and Miami have offered him a scholarship, while Arizona, Duke, Villanova, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Seton Hall, N.C. State, Rutgers, USF and Baylor have shown interest.

"It's been a pretty much a whose who of guys calling and guys coming in to see him during the season and coming to the tournaments we've been in," he said. "He kind has a little bit of everybody on him right now."

Britt, who runs with DC Assault during spring and summer ball, has taken unofficial visits to Duke, Georgetown, Virginia and Seton Hall.

"I think like any kid he sees the letters and he sees the guys coming in to watch him he's certainly going to think about it," Turner said. "But I think the one thing that is very impressive about Nate is he has a great head on his shoulders.

Britt is ranked No. 3 at the point guard spot and No. 19 overall in the 2013 class.

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