Weekly Notebook: January 7

Every week we will try to sum up the bigger news stories in the world of recruiting and put into perspective what is going on and how it impacts the game of college basketball going forward.

Mike Tobey is headed to Charlottesville

The Virginia Cavaliers made news early in the week by landing Mike Tobey. Tobey is a player who not many have seen, but at Scout.com we have had several evaluations of the big man who is a native of New Jersey.

Right now Tobey is a work in progress, but the long term potential is definitely there. At a legitimate 6-foot-11, Tobey has the size to be a very good player down the road. Now he isn't a banger down low, he needs to get stronger, but Tobey can score facing the rim with a short jumper and is even developing some post moves.

More so than anything, Tobey really runs the floor and has shown an ability to block shots. With big guys a willingness to improve can be as important as anything and there is no question that Tobey has the desire to get better.

Ideally Tobey is a redshirt candidate as a freshman since he needs to add strength and is young for his grade, but that might or might not be a realistic option, time will tell. No matter if he redshirts or not, Tobey has the potential to be a very good player at Virginia, and fans will probably look back at this commitment and smile even if they didn't know it at the time.

Wake Forest is doing it their way

Rankings aren't the be all and end all. Ever since the concept of rankings were developed lower ranked kids have outperformed higher ranked prospects. That is always going to happen until the very end of time, and it is accepted. However in general more often than not five-star kids out perform four-star kids and four-stars outperform three-stars, it is just reality.

With that said, Wake Forest and Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik are doing it their own way on the recruiting trail. To this point Bzdelik has three commitments. Two of them, Anthony Fields and Daniel Green, are rated as two star prospects and one of them, Chase Fischer, is a three-star prospect.

By comparison their three in-state rivals in the ACC, Duke, North Carolina, and NC State, have combined for five five-star commitments, two four-star commitments, and one three-star pledge. On top of that, Virginia Tech has a five-star pledge, and places like Maryland, Georgia Tech, and Florida State have all brought in solid four-star commitments.

The question is can Bzdelik's lower rated kids help him compete for an ACC title. Wake Forest has set a precedent that simply getting to the tournament isn't good enough by firing Dino Gaudio after the 2009-10 season.

This year due to off the court issues and NBA departures, Wake Forest is struggling. They obviously need a talent upgrade to compete in the ACC on a nightly basis. Will Fields, Fischer, and Green give them that next season, no one can say definitively one way or the other, but one thing is for sure, Bzdelik is doing it his way and isn't concerned with the perception of who he is recruiting.

Third time a charm for Chandler?

Commitment apparently has a different meaning to Michael Chandler than it does to some other people. In fact he still has a chance to break LaMont "MoMo" Jones all-time record for verbal commitments given, but to do so Chandler would need at least one more de-commitment, and he says that isn't coming.

The talented 6-foot-10 big man from Indianapolis made the first pledge of the calendar year when he committed to Central Florida. The Golden Knights landed Chandler during his official visit to the school. Chandler as you will recall committed to Louisville as a sophomore only to re-open his recruitment. He then pledged to Xavier in October, but soon after decided he wasn't going to sign and once again opened things back up.

Now Chandler has a chance to be an impact guy at UCF. The two questions surrounding Chandler have always been his commitment to academics off the floor and his fire to play hard consistently on the floor. So far this season Chandler has drawn positive reviews for his work on the court, and he is having the finest year of his high school career.

In the classroom that is something that will come down to the very end. Chandler has to get more core classes and improve his test score in order to qualify. For Donnie Jones and UCF it is a no brainer to take the big man even if it is a bit of a risk. If Chandler does qualify he will instantly become one of the premier post players in Conference USA, and someone that the Knights can build around.

Also with Central Florida hoping to eventually make the move to the Big East, having a player like Chandler already on the roster would greatly aid in a successful transition. There are a lot of things that have to happen before that is an issue, but you can bet it is something that Jones is concerning himself with on the recruiting trail as he hopes to build Central Florida into a power in the Sunshine State.

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