Final Thoughts From New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – As Syracuse and Kansas get ready to take the floor and chase the game's top prize, rumors are still kicking up in the Big Easy.

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Roy Williams has done a nice juggling job this week. He's handled "the North Carolina situation" with great diligence and Kansas looked anything but unfocused in its win over Marquette.

Regardless of what happens Monday night in the dome – by the way, the Super Dome looks like a smashed nuclear reactor that the Incredible Hulk might have stepped on – news on the Williams front could be slow to come by.

The coach will be in Lawrence for a pep rally on Tuesday and then he's off to Los Angeles for the Wooden Awards ceremony on Thursday and Friday. There's a window of opportunity for him to discuss the situation on Wednesday as that's his only free day of the week so we have been told.

You hear names like Skip Prosser and Herb Sendek in regards to the Pittsburgh job. However, a source close to Prosser told us not to believe everything we read. Meanwhile, the all-time assist leader in the history of the Panthers program – Sean Miller – could be honing in on his first head coaching position.

Miller is said to be the leading candidate for the vacant job at Illinois State. Michigan State's Brian Gregory is out of the hunt. Pitt assistant Jamie Dixon was at one time a candidate but Miller looks strong right now with Marquette assistant Jeff Strohm serving as a dark horse candidate.

The vacant High Point job has seen its share of applicants this week. Our sources say that the athletic director at the school talked with 16 people at the Final Four and could begin inviting candidates onto campus at mid-week. Among some of the confirmed candidates are current Charlotte assistant Rob Moxley who interviewed at The Four and also former Virginia Tech assistant Randy Peele.

Syracuse could capture two titles on Monday. A win over Kansas would give them the Big 12 championship outright. They've already beaten Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State this year.

The title game could be the last time we see a senior-driven team in the finals. With the number of early entrants increasing each year it could be a while again before we see a pair the likes of Kirk Hinrich and Nick Collison.

In other NCAA news, we received a copy of Bam Harmon's release from Rhode Island. NCAA member schools can now contact the freshman guard from Texas. He's been cleared to chat with prospective schools.

We're exiting New Orleans shortly before the title game today. It's time to go home and get ready for the AAU season. This site kicks off its comprehensive spring coverage on Friday with the Boo Williams Invitational. Check back all weekend long for the best recruiting coverage on the net!

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