No Shortage of Options for Carter

Class of 2012 center Robert Carter is one of the best in the country. With nearly all the powers in the SEC and ACC showing him attention the recruitment is bound to get intense.

For Robert Carter it has been a good start to his junior year. The big man is putting up huge numbers, and that is leading to more and more attention on the recruiting trail. After a breakout summer he is now one of the most heavily sought after players in the country.

The numbers certainly look good for Carter on the year, but at this point he doesn't consider his season to be all that impressive.

"Things are going good," said Carter. "I could be doing better. I am averaging about 20 points a game and 14 rebounds."

He continued, "I am not doing as good as I think I should be doing. I am trying to play a little bit of a different role than I was over the summer, but I am still getting better."

When it comes to his recruitment things are beginning to get more national for him. Always he has had the schools near his home, and now others are beginning to come into the picture.

"Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Kentucky is coming on and stuff like that," Carter explained. "It is everybody man, a lot of schools."

In terms of his offers, Carter couldn't remember all of them, but noted that most of the SEC and ACC schools have come forward and issued him an offer.

Taking unofficial visits is something that Carter has had a chance to do already, and now he is hoping to take a few more before it is all said and done.

"I went to Georgia, Alabama, Florida State, and Florida," said Carter. "I have been to the ones close to me. I plan on going up to Ohio State and a few other trips of the schools further away."

At the moment Carter doesn't seem on the verge of coming to a decision, but when that time does come he knows what is going to be important to him in selecting a school.

"I am looking for right now is somewhere where I can go in and have an impact and a place where I can excel," said Carter. "Also the education has to work that is a big thing. The school has to give me a good education."

For now the nation's No. 33 rates prospect is simply focused on getting better and seeing what options he has before coming to any kind of college decision.

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