Top Performers: Flyin to the Hoop

The Flyin to the Hoop event was loaded with top talent, but five prospects in particular really stood out at the event

Size: 7-7/215 |
Quick Take: Clearly the top individual performance came from Parker. He was simply unbelievable in leading Simeon to a big win. Parker has a unique skill level that is rarely seen, and an understanding of how to play the game that is unsurpassed in high school basketball. Already Parker is drawing comparisons to a player such as Paul Pierce, and clearly with his performance he is putting himself in the discussion to be considered the top player in the 2013 class.
Recruiting: Kansas, Illinois, Washington, Duke, Michigan State, DePaul, Georgetown

Size: 7-9/190 |
Quick Take:As usual Davis was his dominant self. With future head coach John Calipari looking on, Davis took over the game despite not getting much help from his teammates. Davis took the ball up the floor, made a few ridiculous moves off the dribble, and then showed his skill game in the mid-range. It is scary to think about how good he will be once he gets into a college weight program. Quite simply there was nothing a soul could have done to stop Davis at times with his length, skill, and athleticism.

Recruiting: Committed to Kentucky

Size: 7-8/255 |
Quick Take: Parker has been a monster on the block from the very beginning of his high school career, and he simply keeps on getting better. He was dominant in an 18 point and 18 rebound performance in which it seemed like he had even more boards than that. Parker is in better shape, playing harder, and showing more skill than ever. With hands that are like vice grips, Parker snatches rebounds and catches everything thrown to him. Miller Grove does a good job of getting Parker the ball, and once he gets it down low, there aren't many people on the planet that can do anything with him. Parker is definitely a player making a push to be included in the five-star range before it is all said and done.

Recruiting: Duke, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Clemson, Vanderbilt, Minnesota, Georgetown, Florida State, UConn

Size: 6-4/190 |
Quick Take:Though Harris battled an illness and a concussion in his second game, it was the first game of the event for Harris that showed all the potential in the world. Harris had an unbelievable highlight reel dunk in which he took off from outside the lane and finished with a posterization of a defender, but it was more than that. He scored every way possible. From the mid-range he was money, he hit threes, and then broke his man down off the dribble. Also defensively he is very good, and with his long arms and athleticism he can be nearly impossible to breakdown off the bounce. He did nothing but cement his five-star status.

Recruiting: Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Xavier, Kentucky

Size: 6-11/155 |
Quick Take: Trice picked Michigan State after a very strong July, and he has carried that into the high school season. In an upset win over Chicago Whitney Young, Trice was the best player on the floor. He finished with 30 points, 27 of them coming in the second half, and absolutely took over the game. Trice got hot from three, took his man off the bounce, and just was able to make savvy plays all game long. The son of a coach, Trice really knows how to play, and he showed it in a big way as Wayne cruised to an easy win over one of the most talented teams in the nation.

Recruiting: Committed to Michigan State

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