2013 Intro: Devin Williams

Schools all across the Midwest are flocking to Cincinnati to see 2013 power forward Devin Williams.

Withrow High School in Cincinnati has produced some high level big men in the past. Current University of Cincinnati star Yancy Gates went there as did NBA players Tyrone Hill, LaSalle Thompson, and Louis Orr. Now another highly touted post player is coming out of the school, and that is Devin Williams.

The class of 2013 power forward is off to a great start to his sophomore season so far. Williams is known as a relentless rebounder who also runs the floor well and possesses a nice skill level down low. So far the 6-foot-7 and 215 pounder has been averaging a double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds per contest.

"I think I have been playing well," said Williams. "I could be playing better. There are a lot of things I can work on. I get double teamed a lot and I am working on that, but I overall have been playing well."

With that improved play and high work ethic, Williams is now attracting a lot of college attention.

"I have been talking to Detroit, Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Xavier, Ohio State, and West Virginia," listed Williams. "Basically it has just been a lot of the Midwest schools."

The most recent unofficial visit that Williams took was to Detroit where he took in their game against Butler. Williams goes to high school down the street from Xavier and has been there for a few unofficial visits, and also has been to Cincinnati several times to check things out as well.

At this point Williams isn't so much concerned with the recruiting process, but he does know what some of the important factors will be when he selects a school.

"I want to go to a school that has real good guards, that plays defense, and that uses athletes, but it is still real early," said Williams.

For now Williams is focused on getting better and that means becoming more than just a low post scorer. He is working to diversify his game.

"I have been working on my 15 footer, my face-up game, and my free throws," explained Williams. "I am just trying to expand my game and step out on the wing a little bit more and being comfortable dribbling the ball."

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