Davis Keeps Adding Interest

Myles Davis is one of the top shooters in the 2012 class, but there is more to his game than just making shots. Now at prep school he is an even more complete player.

There is never any substitute for being able to shoot the basketball, and that is one thing that Myles Davis can really do. Since re-classifying to the 2012 class, Davis has added even more attention on the recruiting trail and is beginning to show more diversity in his game.

Going to prep school can always be a bit of a challenge, but for Davis he knew it was the right decision. Now as a member of the 2012 class, Davis is seeing things go well for him on and off the floor.

"It is going good," said Davis of his experience at Notre Dame Prep. "It can be difficult at times, but it is a new experience and I am just trying to handle it as best I can. It is easy to handle it now, but earlier in the year it was tough at times."

He continued, "I think I have been playing pretty good. I am averaging about 16 or 17 points per game and we are winning. I think we are14-3. We are so deep that not everyone can score big numbers every game."

When it comes to his recruitment, Davis says that five schools are currently showing him the most attention. They are Xavier, Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, and Villanova.

So far the whole process has been a great one for Davis, and he is honored to have such high level programs showing him attention.

"It is a great experience," said Davis of his recruitment. "It is a blessing that schools want me to join their program. It has been exciting to have all of those schools talking to me and wanting me to go to their school."

According to Davis the schools that are recruiting him are now seeing more to his game than just making shots. He has worked on the other areas of his game to become a more complete player.

"Definitely I have been working to get quicker and attack the rim more," Davis explained. "I am playing against older people now who are smarter and stronger so I have to do more than just shoot a jumper. I am just working to get quicker and being more athletic. That way I can guard a two or a one."

Now that is more complete as a player on the floor, he is looking to have the complete college experience when it comes to selecting a school.

"I am looking at how the coaches are, how they win, if they produce players to get to the next level, and academics," said Davis. "Every school that is recruiting me has a great academic program so their academics speak to themselves. Also I am looking for a place that will be like a home away from home for me."

For now Davis is in no hurry to select a school and is simply evaluating all of his options before moving forward in the recruiting process.

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