Mason Opening Eyes with Shooting

Micah Mason is putting on an unreal shooting display this season, and college coaches are beginning to take note.

Western Pennsylvania isn't known as a basketball hot bed. Still the region has produced several good players over the past two decades, and the best prospect from the area right now is Micah Mason. The junior guard is putting up ridiculous numbers and is gaining more attention on the recruiting trail.

Anytime someone scores 64 points in a game it is newsworthy, but when it comes on only 19 shots, that is when it is completely mind boggling. In a Highlands (PA) High School win over Natrona Heights, that is exactly what took place.

"It was great," said Mason about his 64 point performance on 17-19 shooting. "Shot after shot just kept going in. I didn't think I was scoring that much until I looked up at the scoreboard and it showed my points. That is the only way I knew I had that many points. It was great to keep shooting and have a percentage like that."

While some are going to question Mason's performance based on the level of competition, his AAU coach John Miller was also in attendance and says there should be no reason for concern.

Miller is the father of Sean and Archie Miller who went on to play in the Big East and ACC respectively. Also for years coached the Pittsburgh JOTS AAU team which was loaded with high level division I players.

"He can really shoot it," said Miller. "I know some are going to look and say it is just Western (Pennsylvania) basketball which admittedly isn't the best competition, but Micah can really play. He shoots it as well as I have seen."

Miller continued, "I was working him out this fall and he hit 54 of 54 three pointers in the Curry Drill. I don't care who you are that is impressive."

At this point Mason is hearing from East Carolina, Duquesne, Ohio University, Toledo, Akron, William & Mary, Lafayette, and Army.

According to Mason the three schools showing the most attention are Duquesne, East Carolina, and William & Mary.

Miller feels that Mason is bound to get a lot more attention this spring and summer since he will be at full strength for the first time since he was a freshman on the AAU circuit.

"He is under the radar because he hurt his hip last year and couldn't play," said Miller. "Once people get a chance to see him this summer they are going to love him. I don't know how high he is going to go, I just know he is going to school for free and a lot of coaches are going to like a 6-foot-2 point guard who sets up his teammates and can really shoot it."

Mason for his part is taking things slowly and is simply evaluating all of his options on the recruiting trail.

"I am looking at the roster to see how young the team is, and the way that they play," said Mason. "I really enjoy teams that let their guards have freedom to shoot."

For now Mason is relatively unknown, but with 64 point performances and impressive shooting displays that is bound to change.

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