2004: The Point Guards

There are some big names at the top of the point guard list in 2004. Names like Livingston, Telfair and Gibson are familiar to recruiting buffs already.

Livingston, Telfair To Battle For Top Honors

The Class of 2002 was the big year for point guards with guys like Raymond Felton, Daniel Horton and Dee Brown making serious impacts as freshmen. The Class of 2004 isn't nearly as deep as the 2002 measuring stick class, but there are at least three elite level guards in the ranks.

How We Rank ‘Em (with AAU team)

1. Shaun Livingston, Ft. Sooy No Limit: Long, lean and a super passer. This guy was an all-stater in Illinois and is heavily regarded by some of the nation's finest schools.

2. Sebastian Telfair, Juice All-Stars: He polished up his star during the season and turned in a fine junior year. Tough not to admire what he does with the basketball in his hands.

3. Daniel Gibson, Houston Hoops: Reports are that he recently broke his hand but could return by late April. The guy is big time and picked Texas during the season.

4. Jason Horton, Team Texas: After Gibson, the race for No. 4 is wide open. Horton certainly has the quickness and the genes.

5. Jordan Farmar, Double Pump: The West Coast guys rave about the year he had. This month, he'll get a chance to prove it. Put up big junior year numbers.

6. Marquie Cooke, Boo Williams: Big bodied guard has consistently won at the high school level. He's a key recruiting target for a number of programs.

7. Glenn Miles, Southeast Pump & Run: Probably best listed as a combo guard but he's too good of a player to leave off our list. AAU team will be tough with him running the deal.

8. DuPree Fletcher, DTA Wisconsin: This fiery scorer put DTA on his back and led them to the Final 8 of the Big Time last summer. Gutsy and full of confidence.

9. Jamar Butler, Team Ohio: The Cincinnati signee is almost like a forgotten player since the verbal but he's quick and he'll be ready to go for the Bearcats.

10. Sean Singletary, Playaz Basketball: He's the defensive specialist of the bunch. Recently was named MVP of the Playaz Spring Fling.

Other contenders: There are plenty of guys who will crack the Top 10 by the end of the summer. Some of them we know a lot more about than others. For instance, we've still never seen Justin Cerasoli play.

Here's a good list of guys we gave serious consideration to:

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