Buckley Will Wait

Thornwood SF Melvin Buckley will wait until at least after the adidas ABCD to make a college decision. He recently visited Michigan State and was hoping for an offer but Tom Izzo and the Spartans are waiting to see Buckley during the open period.

Taking His Time

SF Melvin Buckley, Eddy Curry's high school teammate at Thornwood, isn't ready to make a college decision. Recently, Buckley visited Michigan State on an unofficial. He had been hoping to receive an offer from the Spartans but it didn't come.

"[The visit] was alright," Buckley said. "But, I decided to wait for a little bit until after the ABCD Camp. Coach Izzo actually hasn't been able to get out and see me yet. They definitely are going to be at camp so that's why I decided to wait."

Buckley recently switched traveling team allegiances and is now with the Illinois Fire so he'll play at adidas and also at the Big Time. His school list reads DePaul, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Illinois, Iowa and Marquette.

"I've never been in this position before so I'll just go out and try and have fun."

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