Pratt is a Big-Time Sleeper

Mark Pratt, 6-4 JR SF, Modesto (Calif.) Christian, was one of the best half-dozen players at the MatsMadness tournament in Fresno Memorial Day weekend...

Pratt has always been incredibly athletic, with the kind of hops that make him look like he's hanging in the air and great lateral quickness. The question in the past has been whether he was anything more than just an exceptional athlete.

In Fresno, Mark showed that his skills are developing, which makes him a very nice prospect to watch. He hit a few threes and definitely showed improved ball-handling. He's now far better at taking defenders off the dribble, and with his quickness, it makes him very tough to defend.

Some college coaches have been aware of Pratt, but many haven't really seen him play enough - or at all. And it might not get any better this summer. Pratt, who is originally from England, told us that he'll have to return to England in July in order to be eligible to return to the States in fall. He wasn't certain, but he believed he would be gone for most of the July evaluation period. His AAU coach, Darren Matsubara, said he wasn't aware that Pratt would be gone for July and believed he'd have Pratt available to play on his team. At this point, it definitely is an unresolved issue.

Pratt said that, because of his limited exposure, he hasn't heard that much from colleges. He said Utah, Pacific, St. Mary's and Santa Clara have shown some interest to date. "I like Kansas," Pratt said. "Kansas recruited my teammmate, Chuck Hayes. And I've just liked them."

Pratt said he has a 2.9 GPA but hasn't taken the SAT.

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