Fresno Sophs and Frosh

Some standout youngsters looked great, including many prospects from the loaded west coast high school sophomore class...

Ike Counts, 6-3 SO SG Oakland (CA) Skyline. Showed most of the qualities you look for in a high major prospect. He didn't shoot a lot from distance, but he has a good-looking stroke and a mid-range game (which you don't see in many high school sophomores). Advanced feel for the game, with vision and the ability to put the ball on the floor (uses his left hand well). Nice long frame with good quickness.

David Padgett, 6-10 SO C Reno (NV) High. David's progress seemed to stall somewhat from last summer to this spring, but there's no question he remains one of the elite prospects in the west. He's still growing into his body, and he doesn't yet have the footwork to be effective in the low-post, but he has a tremendous upside. He can step outside and shoot it, but when he grows stronger and more comfortable with his size, he will be tough to handle inside.

Omar Wilkes, 6-2 SO SG Los Angeles (CA) Loyola. Son of Jamal and you can see the same savvy and feel for the game that his father possessed. Could end up being a PG or SG, depending on how much he grows (he has a brother in the 8th grade who is 6-6) and if he develops a stronger handle. Regardless of what position he ends up at, Omar is a player. He already has a better understanding of how to play than many college players do and he's more athletic than he appears. More a scorer than a shooter (another kid with a mid-range game), he always seems to be involved in the action and making the right decisions.

John Winston, 6-2 SO PG Richmond (CA) Salesian. Big, strong lead guard who has improved his shot and athleticism in the last year. Will never be a prototypical quick, creator type, but he does most things fairly well. His ultimate level in college may depend on how his body matures in the next couple years.

Sean Marshall, 6-5 SO SF Rialto (CA) Eisenhower. Tough, athletic slasher who can do a little bit of everything. Good ball skills and court awareness. Plays with energy on both ends of the court. Can score within fifteen feet or so, high major potential if he can extend his range.

Nick Debban, 6-5 SO SF Clovis (CA) Clovis West. Very tough and physical, Nick will be a solid prospect if he can develop some perimeter skills. He attacked the basket every time he touched the ball in the game we saw, but didn't shoot it outside at all. We liked his intensity and competitiveness.

Sam Betty, 6-6 SO SF Stockdale (CA) High. Athletic wing with good instincts and fundamentals. His shot is just ok, but he has a good frame, jumps well and handles it for a guy his size.

Sean Green, 6-2 SO SG Rialto (CA) High. Active, athletic two guard with a nice-looking shot that he gets off quick. Also made a couple nice passes in the game we saw.

Maurice Shaw, 6-9 SO C Fresno (CA) Washington Union. Looks like he should be a player, but hadn't shown much until this tournament. Still somewhat passive, but he moves well, has good hands and is just starting to develop an offensive game. Nice touch inside ten feet or so. Can be a big-time prospect if the light turns on.

Dwight O'Neil, 6-2 FR PG Fresno (CA). Physically mature and strong young guard. We didn't get a chance to see him shoot it much, but he can handle it pretty well and was poised for a freshman.

DeMarcus Nelson, 6-1 FR PG, Vallejo (CA) High. Very impressive young point guard, with the skills, size and athleticism to be a high major prospect. His shot didn't go down too often, but the stroke is fine. With several guys missing from the Oakland Soldiers, Nelson had to play a lot of minutes and he showed good poise and confidence.

Dwain Williams, 5-10 8th grade PG, Los Angeles (CA). With long arms, big feet and a very good handle, Dwain looks like a great young prospect. No surprise then that we heard he'll be playing at Orange County powerhouse Mater Dei next season.

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