Murphy Brings Own Skill Set

It is easy to say that Alex Murphy will resemble current Duke star Kyle Singler, but the reality is he will bring a whole different and unique skill set to Coach K's attack.

With the news that Alex Murphy surprised no one and picked the Duke Blue Devils over the Florida Gators and a whole host of other schools, it started the immediate comparisons between Murphy and Kyle Singler. Both players are elite level talents, roughly the same size, and come from the same demographic of society, but in reality their games are extremely different.

While Murphy and Singler look a lot alike walking on to the court, that is where things really end in terms of style of play. Singler coming out was a true small forward with his skill set. He could really handle the ball, was an excellent passer, and in the mid-range was one of the truly premier players in the country.

There simply wasn't a style of play or a matchup that Singler would struggle with. He always won and was one of the highest character and off the court profile kids in years. Quite simply, while not the greatest athletic marvel, Singler got things done due to his basketball IQ, feel for the game, and undeniable skill set.

That is where things differ significantly with Murphy. While he does have a good feel for how to play, he isn't the off the charts type of guy that Singler was. Singler produced a lot because of that, Murphy produces a lot because he is an elite level athlete going to the rim who can also make shots when his feet are set from distance.

Quite often Murphy beats his man off the dribble, drives the lane, and then throws down a highlight reel caliber dunk. If it is a team's first time facing Murphy usually he dunks on and over defenders, but if they have faced off before the opposing big man knows better and usually doesn't try and challenge him at the rim.

The elite level athleticism that Muprhy possesses is something that Singler could only dream of having. Also it allows him to do a much better job of creating his own shot. While Singler gets shots off and makes shots due to craftiness and ridiculous skill, Murphy does it by explosion and physical gifts.

It is easy to say that they will be a lot alike, and heck at the end of the day they may have similar numbers in their time at Duke, but expecting Murphy who is a physical marvel to play like Singler who is a student of the game just isn't accurate.

Obviously Singler has had a great career for Duke, one in which he hopes is capped off by a second national title this season, and on the surface everything looks positive for Murphy to have an excellent career as well. However be fair to both Singler and Murphy, realize that just because they may physically resemble each other, they are very different players who will bring something unique to the floor for Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

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