Cauley Taking Care of Business

For Willie Cauley his junior season has been an adjustment, but the talented big man is making the most of it and is becoming one of the most wanted players in the Midwest.

During the first two years of his high school career, Willie Cauley was in tiny Spearville (KS). Now for his junior season Cauley has transferred to Olathe North (KS) High School and is making big strides both on the floor and in the classroom.

For Cauley this has been a big season at Olathe North. According to his AAU Coach, Matt Suther, Cauley is doing everything they ask, and it is showing with some big games on the floor.

"He had to sit out a few games early in the year due to transfer rules," said Suther. "It has been up and down statistically, but in high school a lot of teams will pack it in and put two and three guys on him consistently, but he has had games where he had 40 points and 15 rebounds."

At 6-foot-11 and 210 pounds, Cauley has always been a dominant shot blocker and impressive rebounder. Now his offensive game is beginning to blossom, and it has been all about confidence.

"I think for Willie, like a lot of big kids, it is about getting confidence," Suther explained. "He is continually working on his offensive game. Naturally and instinctively he has always been a great rebounder and shot blocker, but it has been about getting reps and confidence on the offensive end."

Recruiting wise things are just at the beginning stages for Cauley. With his size, athleticism, and natural ability on the floor there are a ton of schools interested, but Suther and company want his mind focused elsewhere at the moment.

"We've really tried to shelter him from a lot of the recruiting stuff," explained Suther. "The reason he moved here was to focus on his academics. He is hearing from Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa State, Wake Forest, we are hearing from a ton of schools and basically all the Big XII."

Suther continued, "We are just giving the schools all the same message. He is focused on his academics right now and that he is open in the process."

So far the plan of having Cauley focus on his grades and not his college choice has proven to be a success after getting off to a slow academic start in Spearville, Cauley is now taking care of business in the classroom.

"Academically the move is proving to be really good," said Suther. "He is on track to qualify academically. Coming here he was behind the eight-ball a little bit. It has been an adjustment for him with the constant work. He has a lot of homework every night and has a lot of tutors, and he is working hard to obtain his dreams academically."

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