2013 Intro: Allerick Freeman

Sophomore standout Allerick Freeman has created a stir in North Carolina with his play. His strong effort on the court has led to a trio of scholarship offers.

Allerik Freeman, a sophomore guard out of Charlotte (N.C.) Olympic, is creating some buzz in the always-loaded state of North Carolina.

The 6-foot-3, 185-pound guard was first spotted during the summer running with Celtics South AAU program. Since then he's been putting up solid numbers for one of the better teams in his area.

"It's been great," he said of his season. "We are 24-1 and had our first loss down in Spartanburg. That's our only loss on the season. Everything is going great right now."

"I've been playing good," he added. "I'm averaging 15 or 16 points a game and six or seven rebounds and a couple assists."

Freeman said he's a guard that can play more than one position.

"I'm a combo guard that can distribute to his teammates or go get a bucket when coach needs me to," he said. "Or I could be the leading scorer on the team and I can rebound from the guard position."

"I'm a leader on the court and always verbal and leading the team," Freeman added. "I just always play hard and I always give 100-percent."

Over the summer college coaches began to show interest in the class of 2013 prospect. To this point, Freeman has picked up scholarship offers from Baylor, Virginia Tech and UNLV.

"Georgetown is recruiting me," Freeman said. "Villanova is recruiting. [So is] South Carolina, Clemson, Wake Forest and Georgia."

Freeman has already taken a handful off visits to South Carolina and Clemson. He also took visits to Georgetown and Villanova in October.

"It's not really a focus for me right now because I'm still young, but it's cool to get early interest from schools," Freeman said.

With that said, Freeman did list UNLV, Virginia Tech, Georgetown and Villanova as school he likes early on.

Freeman knows quite a bit about the Hoyas already because of taking an unofficial to Washington (D.C.), but he cited their offense as one of the reasons he likes John Thompson's program.

"I know they are known for their big men but the type of offense they play and the Princeton offense is a good fit for me," Freeman said.

For many of the same reasons, Freeman likes Villanova. He said their success with guards is unmatched.

"Villanova is known for guards," he said. "That's guard central. You can go in as a guard and do your thing over there."

With the Hokies, Freeman said he's built a strong relationship with their coaching staff and likes what Seth Greenberg has accomplished as a coach.

"Virginia Tech and coach Greenberg is a real good coach," Freeman said. "He knows how to use what he is."

While UNLV may be across the country from Freeman, he's managed to study their system and he thinks his style of play fits their mold.

"With UNLV they are the same as Villanova," he said. "They let their guards go. They get up and down the floor and I like up and down tempo."

Despite having a couple of leaders, Freeman made it known that he's not in a rush to make his college choice.

"I'm just taking it for what it is," he said of his recruitment. "If the right school comes and it's the right time then I'll make my decision. But I'm not in a rush."

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